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The purpose of this page is for people to write a review of fetish video tapes that they have bought and send them in to me so they can be added to this page. Other people can then read the reviews and decide if a video is good for what they like to see and if they would be interested in buying a video like that or not.

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American GrafeetiTrampleLuke28/02/01
Starring Mistresses Jewel, Jordan and Goldie, slave Rudy.
This is the first trample tape i have bought, and although it is most definitely enjoyable, i was expecting more.
I enjoy lots of fullweight head, face and throat-standing in my trampling, and the way the promo for this movie read I thought it would be loaded with it. It hardly had any however, with Jewel standing on his head briefly a couple of times and on his throat and Jordan standing on his throat once. Goldie did not do either through the whole movie.
Still, it did have some excellent humiliation, including the girls spitting on his face repeatedly and even pouring dressing on it, making for a funny scene when it goes in his ear.
Jewel and Jordan are suitably nasty, but you can tell this was one of Goldies first trample tapes, as she seems a bit hesitant to really get into it. All of the girls look very attractive, with both Jewel and Goldie getting completely naked.

Overall, i give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. It was a good first trample tape to buy, but i know i crave more "hardcore" action than this.

Star Rating out of 53 Stars out of 5

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Sole SistersFoot FetishLuke05/03/01
Starring Mistress Eve Ellis.
This movie isn`t a trample film, rather its just straight out foot worship. My mate ordered this one when I got American Grafeeti, he likes his action more sedate. And thats what this movie certainly is.

It is basically a full half hour of a girl kissing and sucking on Eve Ellis' feet, albeit in the slowest manner possible! It starts to wear thin about 15 minutes in, and I found myself wanting the action to pick up, sure it isn`t a trample tape, but she could of gone after Eves feet with a bit more vigour. I would have really liked to see this girl accomodate all of Eves foot in her mouth at least once, but sadly this did not happen.

The movie is for those that like their foot action very slow and leaning more towards sensual. Although, id go as far as to say the pace of the movie was lethargic.

On the plus side, Eve looks absolutely beautiful, and her feet are a sight to behold for sure.

I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars, it would of probably been even less if it didn`t have such a hotty in it :)

Star Rating out of 52 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Supercross of TramplingTrampleLuke05/03/01
Starring Mistresses Talia Monet, Nicole Sheridan and Tramplee.
This movie is awesome! It is an excellent movie for anyone that enjoys seeing a lot of face and head-standing action in their trample.

The movies story goes along the lines of "Guy does something that would be considered mildly annoying and is subsequently tortured for a good hour because of it." variety. :) But I do enjoy watching a guy being punished for such a flimsy premise, it makes the tape more enjoyable.

This tape features ALOT of face-standing in it. I do not include the broader term head-standing because there is not one time in the movie where the ladies stand on the side of his head rather than directly on his face. [except at the very end, which is something quite unique]. And the way in which Talia in particular gets on it is quite nasty, placing one foot on either side of his head and then jumping up on it. The girls get major air when they jump up and down on him aswell, placing a good distance between their feet and his body with each jump.

The film ends with a scene that I have never seen the likes of in other trample tapes. One that I would definitely like to see repeated in other films. It has tramplee sitting down with his back propped up against a wall. Talia Monet then mounts his head by first standing on his shoulder and then placing both feet on top of his head. She stands on top of his head for about a minute and a half, during which she repeatedly footslaps his face and nicole lays into him verbally. It seemed to me that tramplee was concentrating quite hard to get through this scene.

If there was one part of the film that I would criticise it might be the girls lack of verbal commentary during some parts of the film. There are some lengthy spells where nothing is said for quite a while. But during these parts the girls seem to be concentrating on giving tramplee a very thorough trampling, so these parts are easily defended. I'd much rather see harsh trampling like this with little verbal banter than tamer trample action that has more verbality.

I also like the way the movie was edited. I suspect that Tramplee had to take a few breaks during filming owing to the severeness of the trampling. The film very smoothly does a scene change when this happens, so as the action is continuous throughout.

I really love this movie, but it probably isn`t for all tastes. If you are like me and like lots of face/head-standing and like the action brutal, then you have to get it. If you dont really like the headstanding and/or you like the action more sedate, then take the score down a star or two.

Personally though, I give this movie 4 out of 5, very good.

Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
The Power of NicoleTrample??livingfurniture23/04/01
This was the first so called trample video I ever purchased. If you enjoy a lot of foot worship and shoe licking, and not much talking, go for it.

Personaly, I was looking for real trampling by a cruel woman. This was not the case. She does stand on his stomach for a minute or so at the end, and looks real uncomfortable doing it. I don't want to be cruel to a woman, I prefer it the other way around, but the harshest torture regarding this video was that I couldn't get my money back.
Nicole, please learn to truly trample and torture before trying again.

Star Rating out of 51 Star out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Heels of SteelTrampleipsplib23/04/01
Mistress Flame, Mistress Taylor St. Claire, slave rudy
Practically non-stop high heel trampling from the get go! These gals seem to be almost possessed as they work themselves into a frenzy of stomping, jumping and shouting abuse at this poor guy. You can really see the marks on his reddened battered body as they appear hell-bent on sending him to Trample Eternity! Probably the first (1997)un-embellished video of its' kind. Only for real hardcore trample fans!
Star Rating out of 54.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Ball Busting BitchesTrample and groin tramplewyclifer23/04/01
I own about a dozen trample tapes but I won't have to buy anymore. This one comes from Diamond International and stars two beautiful women and one cowboy in for the trample of his life.

One girl looks to be about 5'3" and 115 lbs. She is a lovely brunette who starts out dressed in coveralls and ends in panties only and I am talking about a 34D here. The other is a beautiful blond about 5'6" and 130 lbs. They both have great bodies and the blond has the best legs I have ever seen.

They take turns standing on, jumping on, stamping on and sitting on their cowboy. The brunette loves to ball-bust. She must kick him in the crotch a couple of hundred times hard. The Blond loves to place her foot in his groin and smashes her heel directly down on his privates over and over. I love the way you can see the muscles in her upper and lower leg and butt quiver slightly as she smashes down into his groin as hard as she can. She stands in his groin and grinds her full weight on it.

There is a little bit of strangulation with a belt as both girls begin to sweat with the work of stomping and stamping on their cowboy.

The tape is 5 stars from beginning to end. I really really really really loved it loved it loved it.

Star Rating out of 55 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
German Marks #2fem-dom (general)footfan20/05/01
Starring Mistress Klarins, slave Walter
A sequel to German Marks. Klarins is a sexy German dominatrix based in the US. Walter was a regular slave at before moving over to Anaconda. The setting is a traditional dominatix dungeon with a bench and chains for restraining the slave. Klarins wears a leather/PVC outfit throughout.

I had mixed feelings about this video. There is a minimal amount of trampling to be honest, along with a lot of other fem-dom activities such as face sitting, whipping, pony-riding etc. The biggest problem with the video was the dreadful editing, as the viewer is led from suddenly from one sequence to another, and then back again. Very distracting.

The good news is that Klarins is quite a sensual domme. In one scene she has Walter remove her boots, and then wipes her stocking-clad foot slowly across his face in a very erotic manner. I loved that bit. At the end of the film, she kills Walter by repeatedly face-sitting him and finally sitting down so that he is suffocated. This is very sexily done.

Star Rating out of 52.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Trample MistressTramplefootfan20/05/01
Starring Mistress Klarins, slave Walter
The third outing for Klarins with the IBN team. This time the setting is a typical office with a large open area of carpet for lots of trampling. Klarins is dressed in a very Goth style, lots of long black hair, a black business suit with a sexily short skirt, and stiletto pumps. (Anyone who looks like Morticia gets my vote.) This changes later on to a Mistress-type outfits again with thigh-length boots.

Walter is the delivery guy who failed to deliver the right goods, and so Klarins has to teach him a lesson and torture him into finding out where her goods are. This is as much plot as anyone needs, so down to the trampling and face sitting. Unlike GM#2, there is lots of trampling here, and some really good editing and camera angles. The camera often hovers at eye level with Klarins and then looks down her body and legs (gosh!) to poor Walter's body, then back up again. She even tramples his groin with those heels at one point but he obviously didn’t like it. She also stands on his face, both with and without her shoes on, and stuffs her stockinged feet into her mouth for good measure.

The end of the film sees her change into a dominatrix outfit, and I think at this point they begin to run out of ideas or energy, but still we have had a good 40 minutes of action so far.

I'd certainly recommend this video, it could serve as a good educational video for budding dommes and tramplers everywhere.

Star Rating out of 55 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Silence of the WormTrample / smotheringfootfan20/05/01
Starring Mistress Destiny, Mistress Kaitlynn, slave Joe
The familiar setup here, two glamorous Mistresses trample a guy, this time because he is a noisy neighbour who needs teaching a lesson. There is no high-heel trampling in this, but the two babes spend much of the time wearing stockings to trample him, and wipe their stockinged feet all over his face and smother his mouth with their feet. The stockings come off halfway through the film, so don't worry if they are not your biggest turn-on. The girls are weaving just their underwear for good measure.

The babes go in for teamwork and co-ordinate their trampling and smothering to perfection. One babe sits on his face and shuts off his air supply, the other jumps onto his stomach. Eventually the guy is flailing around like a fish drowning in air.

At the end of the film, he actually seems to pass out as a result of this treatment, his face goes purple and his body is lifeless, which is when they decide to end the session. What a way to go.

Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Men in Black and BlueTramplefootfan20/05/01
Starring Mistress Destiny, Mistress Kaitlynn, slave Rudy
This video concentrates on the two mistresses trampling Rudy, supposedly because he is cable-TV man who has messed up their TV for them. As usual, this is the perfect excuse to spend an hour watching two gorgeous babes trample the life out of the slave. Lots of high-heel trampling here. They wear strappy shoes, the only thing I personally didn't like are the platforms.

Infact the film seems to start whilst they are already hard at work on Rudy (maybe they couldn't wait for the camera man to load the tape?), and Rudy already has lots of bruises, that they add to. The two girls add to his pain by climbing the stair banister and then jumping off onto his body, with and without heels. They also climb onto each other others shoulders so that he feels the full weight of two women through just one pair of heels. Ouch.

Well worth a viewing.

Star Rating out of 54.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Her Cruel Pleasures #2fem-dom / tramplefootfan20/05/01
Starring Miss Chambers et al.
No plot to this film, to speak of. It has two distinct parts. The first part is of Miss C and another domme whipping and generally torturing a naked guy in an empty room. Tortures include using pliers on his nipples and penis, how wax, and lots of flogging. There is also a brief trample scene, but the poor guy obviously isn't up to taking it. Miss c wears a short PVC dress, and high-heel stiletto pumps that show offer legs to great effect.

The second part is set in a bar or club, and Miss C puts a well-trained slave through his paces using him as an ashtray etc, and lots of trampling. Miss c is covered up much more in this scene, which is a pity, but she wears stiletto thigh-length boots to do all the trampling. The training mist have worked.

Worth buying, and it's so good to see decent trampling in a British film.

Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Trampled Times TenTramplefootfan20/05/01
Starring Brittany Andrews, Starr Chandler, Taylor St Clair, et al, plus Damion as the tramplee.
Brittany has asked a few friends around to help her teach Damion a lesson he won't forget, which basically gives him a chance to enjoy a trample party all to himself with some of the prettiest girls in the business. They are all wearing different outfits too, so they can cater for most tastes. PVC, leather, casual dresses, underwear, pumps, thigh-length boots etc etc.

A mix of activities here, from one-by-one trampling to them doing in pairs, threes etc. eventually they dig out a surf board, place it along his body and then they all stand on top of the surf board. They all sit on a big corner sofa and have Damion at their feet, then he literally disappears under 20 stomping feet. They take turns jumping onto his body from the sofa. This is where the stunning Taylor St Clair shows us just how much she enjoys this kind of thing, her face lights up as she tries to out-do the rest of the girls.

Overall not one of the best films you can buy but if you like the idea of a party then take a look.

Star Rating out of 52.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
High Heel HorrorTramplefootfan20/05/01
Starring Tori Sinclair, Mistress Nico, slave Rudy.
Not a lot of plot to this one, though we gather that Rudy has run off with a lot of money belonging to Tori. She gets it back with interest, and some. As usual, Rudy has his naked body exposed to the babes sharp heels. This one must be one of his earlier films, as his body doesn't have the heel marks that he carries now. Still he turns in a great performance and suffers for the cause. Both ladies are in black bikinis or underwear, no stockings to hide their lovely legs. Tori wears black stiletto pumps, Nico wears strappy stiletto heels with a platform, and both girls eventually take their shoes off, so they cater for most tastes.

It is a minimalist film, little plot and no distracting scenery. Just two lovely girls and one lucky guy. This is a pretty merciless film, lots and lots of trampling and some head standing, heel- and foot- sucking etc, so if this is what you like then it's well worth a buy. I like it.

Star Rating out of 53.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Skull CrusherTramplePhi Kapp20/05/01
"SKULL CRUSHER" is one of Katlyns first films which isn't from Her partner in this film, whose name i can't be blunt is horrible. She barely speaks English and her trample action was terribly limited. Fortunatly for the slave...Katlyn was involved. Major hard trampling as you can expect from Katlyn was the only thing that saved this film from receiving ZERO Stars. Hard chest, stomach...and face stompling will make even the hardest trample lover cringe. And you'll love every minute of the trample action. Warning though...this tape was edited very poorly and the same scenes are repeated twice in order to make this a full hour. For those of you who recognize Katyln, although attractive she is hardly a knock out, which made this movie fairly hard to witness due to the fact that her friend was grossly disgusting.
Star Rating out of 52.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
15 Girl Trample MachineTrampleBackwalk06/03/02
Starring: Annabelle, Brigitte, Britney, Celene, Claire, Crystel, Feriel, Grace, Jane, Margarite, Maryline, Melanie, Shirley, Sophie, Vanessa. Also Cucciolo, Rasta, and Dave

I simply adore this video. I've owned it a week, and have seen it 10 times already. It is that good.
Starts out with Cucciolo, Rast, and the famous Dave arguing who is the best at trample. To settle this, they call 15 girls (thus the title) over to trample them. The first scene features Cucciolo under a board while all 15 girls in heels stand on it. That looked genuinely painful. The scene is repeated for Rasta and Dave, with Dave actually having all 15 girls JUMP on the board. Next is the 10-second face stand. All 15 girls line up on the slaves, one on the face, one on the chest, and one on the stomach. When the first girls on the face counts to ten, she steps off, and the next girl moves up. After that is my favorite, the mass trample. The girls simply walk back and forth on the slaves, 5 minutes apiece. This really was the highlight of the movie, as they would go from legs to head and down the arms with barely a break. Another good scene, later in the video, has all the girls line up, and one at a time, step on the slaves head one way, then go back over it a second time. Then comes the throat trample. There is more, but if what I've told you isn't enough, then there is no hope for you.

Star Rating out of 55 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Seven StompersTrampleBackwalk06/03/02
This was one of my first multi-girl trample videos, and I about wore the tape out. It starts out with all seven girls (Destiny, Kaitlyn, Ginger, Heidi, tori, Star, and Nico) on top of their trample rug. There is some nonsense about him being their boss, and not giving them any breaks, but this just an excuse to get seven women trampling on a guy. All but two of the girls are barefoot. Kaitlyn and Nico are in stockings, though these come off about 15 minutes into the movie, as well as the most of their clothes. Lots of face standing. In fact, I think only two girls didn't stand full weight on the rug's head. Essentially, it's a conga line over this poor, lucky, fellow. Lots of bouncing and face slapping. Well worth the purchase price.
Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Cruel Woman (AP-017)TrampleT. Undra11/01/02
This is another of those revenge videos: here, Walter's accused by Starr of seeing another woman and nothing will convince her otherwise. She begins her torture by tossing him to the floor and standing on him in heels, much to his intense anguish, of course. For Starr's a big girl, well-built and listed as 6' tall, so Walter's plight is by no means a picnic, except perhaps when she sits on his face squeezing and burying it between two firm, ample and lovely thighs. For a little variation, she throws in a few figure-four head scissors. Then, while still on the bed, she proceeds to trample and stomp on Walter chest, laughing at his futile attempts to ring for help.
The video ends with Starr tying Walters hands and feet together with her stockings, then jumping a few times from a dressing table on to his chest ­ and giggling at the obvious distress this "lying bastard" suffers.
This tape certainly has its moments.
Star Rating out of 53.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Man Crusher (AP-018)TrampleT. Undra11/01/02
Anaconda lists Jacqueline as 6' 1" and over 170 lbs. I quite believe this for she towers over skinny Walter who is foolish enough to tell her that women are no match for men in wrestling. For his rashness, Jacqueline scolds him throughout, tramples and jumps all over him, first in heels then barefoot. Not only that but she's forever climbing on to the arm of a nearby couch then dropping on the poor fellow's skinny chest which you can see caving in under those 170 pounds falling on him. Jacqueline also loves stepping full weight on Walter's face, causing him to wince and grimace in agony each time. As if all this is not enough, she then ties his hands together and repeats the whole treatment - until finally he pleads with her that, "I'm broken". To which she replies, "I'm just not happy yet" and continues her assaults ­ until finally she is happy.
The video ends with her standing leisurely on Walter's face, a contented and satisfied look on her face. A great buy.
Star Rating out of 55 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Tales from the trampledTrampleJohn11/04/03
Another Cucciolo trample effort here. This film is in two parts. The first part sees dave in a park lying on a bench when two girls Jasmin and Kyrie come along and order him off their seat, They then proceed to trample him in there trainers on the bench, the grass, and when they get mud all over their trainers, they rub it all over his body and face, this part of the film lasts about fifteen minutes and finishes with a fantastic scene where dave is lying at the door of Jasmin's house she walks up and uses him as her doormat and then we see dave licking the mud from her trainers, a brilliant close up as we see the mud on his tounge and face, I just wish more of the film had been devoted to this part. There is plenty of verbal abuse although it is spoilt slightly by Kyrie on several occasions asking the camera man if she should stop trampling as someone was coming over. It would have been better if this had been dubbed out.
The second part of the film lumbers on too long in Jasmin's house trampling Cucciolo. The trampling is ok, standard stuff,again to much background music and not enough face reaction on Jasmin or talking, in fact when she does talk it is only to ask cucciolo if he is ok and she hasn't hurt him, which again spoils the effect of the film.
A better attempt than the can't breath what a pity, with a gerat opening but not so great ending.
Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Danger in the poolTrampleJohn11/01/02
Starring Angelique,Claire and Shirley
If you have read my last reviews You will probably think I am over critical, This is however a nearly perfect film.
Good storyline,gorgeous models and plenty of action
Part one Little guy is trampled in the water under the water by the three french vixens, Clare the largest of the three looks absolutely incredible. The end scene sees little guy sucking the toes of all three and we get to see the expressions on their faces as he does it. Classic scene if you like to see the girls faces as well as thir feet like me. The dialogue is ok but as the girls are french there are a few mix ups in their english (I'm being very critical again).
The second part of the film sees Rasta trying to pitch a tent in the girls garden they come out and trample him tying him to the ground and pummeling his body. Sexy Claire lights a cigarette then proceeds to stub it out on his chest, before the girls put on footwear. Angelique and Shirley in sandals and Claire in trainers and stomp his chest and neck. Claire being my favourite model I would have liked to see her more agressive in this role, she seemed to hold back a bit on her trampling, the other two however were fantastic. The end of the film sees rasta tied to a chair and flung into the pool.
Only one other criticism that spoiled the film ever so slightly for me, there were a few good close up shots that were spoiled by the bright sunlight obscuring the vision, However a great film nonetheless.
Star Rating out of 54.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
10 Girls, Half a ton of Pure TerrorTrampleBackwalk11/01/02
Stars Anna, Annabelle, Camille, Elodie, Estelle, Feriel, Gaelle, Geri, Laeticia, and Virginie. Also, Dave, Cucciolo, and Rasta.
WOW, What can I say. With a title like that, I had to order it, and I wasn't disappointed a bit. Starts out with Dave awakening from his last trample adventure, which I didn't see yet. Standing before him are the aforementioned girls, in stockinged feet, but no fishnets :(, who want to give him a going away present. As you can guess (and I know you can), Dave is promptly downtrodden and underfoot.
They start out with the basic group tramples. All 10 can easily fit on big Dave. Then comes the headstanding turns. I noticed Elodie has a hole in the heel of her stocking. Everyone is wearing different hosiery, from Feriel's dark stockings to RHT of Laeticia. I thought it was particularly neat when Dave recognized Feriel by how she stood on his head.
Dave then gets a break, as the girls sit down, and use his face as a footrest. It's a lot harder than you'd think, since Dave can't fit 20 feet on that noggin. he licks feet for a bit, the the girls face the wall on their knees, so that he can lick their soles.
Then comes the amazing part. Five girls put the other Five girls on their shoulders, and then proceed to climb aboard Dave. This looks VERY painful, and I don't think Dave was acting when he screamed. The scary part was when a couple of the girls lost their balance. No one was hurt. Then they tried it again, and Elodie, with Annabelle on the shoulders, managed a headstand on Dave. That's intense!!
Again, they take turns with the single girl headstands. Dave's legs are cramped up against the wall, and there are girls standing on them, as well as up his body. This HAD to hurt. Still, Dave, being the pro, made sure all ten girls had a turn on his head.
Dave then went out in a blaze of glory as all ten climbed aboard again, and proceded to jump on him. How he managed to not break anything says a lot about this guy. They then leave him on the bed for a short intermission.
Cucciolo then comes in, and demands the girls leave so that he can sleep. Obviously, this will not "stand" with the girls, who promptly procede to demolish him. Again, there is a short intermission. Rasta makes up the finale. Same deal, same girls, same result.
What I liked about this was the apparent FUN the girls were having. They were trading quips and jokes with Dave, and they did get the giggles when they trampled him down in his finale. There were no dissppointments in this video at all. Various "standouts" include the delightful Annabelle, the terrific Elodie, the adorable Gaelle, and the beautiful Anna. Everyone did face and head stands, but these four seemed to gravitate towards it more. Gaelle even manages a toe facial for Dave. Rasta and Cucciolo's appearance was pretty much a cameo. Still, I'm glad they made an appearance. I would've too, if I'd been there.
Definately, find room in your budget for this one.
Star Rating out of 54.5 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Football Match from HellTrampleBackwalk11/01/02
This video features trample in cleats. Not the soft kind, but the metal tipped deals. Stars Elodie, Emilie, and Estelle.
Lots of vicious marks left over on poor Rasta, as the three just totally destroy him under their shoes. The holes are visible on videotape. To top it off Estelle climbs on Elodie's shoulders, and there is a two-girl stand in these cleats. Then the shoes come off, and there is a LOT of head- and face-standing in those socks.
Part two has Cucciolo getting the same treatment in the socks. Loads of facestanding, and a good bit of two-girl headstanding.
An excellent tape if you like your tramplees really beat up at the end!
Star Rating out of 54 Stars out of 5

Video TitleTypeReview byDate Added
Enter the Trample DragonsTrampleBackwalk12/04/03
If you've ever been turned on by those movies and TV shows that feature an Oriental geisha walking on somone's back, then this is the movie. It's from Cucciolo's Page, and stars Angelique, Christel, and Laeticia.
A customer comes into the massage parlor where the three girls are working. He asks for the special Japanese massage, and promptly gets it! The three girls give him a total work out on the back. His skin goes from pale, to bright red, to PURPLE! If you couldn't imagine bare feet could almost draw blood, you need to check this video out. The three girls step, jog, RUN and STOMP all over this poor fella. They really give his head the total treatment. Angelique marches all over his head, folding his ear up like a soda can. Then they get him up, and balance him against the wall, like a dog, while they all jump on his back. Then they roll him over, and a "Japanese facial" takes on a whole new meaning! The girls really dig into his face and head. Then Christel and Angelique brace his head, while Laeticia does her bare foot face balancing act. You couldn't keep Laeticia off this guy's head! There is also a THREE-GIRL HEADSTAND! This is almost an impossibility. This is followed by a facial PYRAMID, with Laeticia on the top, naturally. Then more running and jumping on the stomach, chest, and head.
Cucciolo is next. There is more chest and stomach marching on him. Rasta is up next, and meets the same fate.
Let's see: Facestanding, backwalking, stomach jumping, head standing by three girls. It's a lot better video than you could imagine.
Star Rating out of 55 Stars out of 5 - A great place to watch full fetish streaming videos online - A great place to watch full fetish streaming videos online

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