School Girl Trample

"Pete, while you're down there I don't suppose you could give me feet a rub. I've been on them all day and they are aching alot."
Pete looked abit shocked but his facial expression calmed to a look of inevitability and he responded "i suppose i do owe you for giving me a lift. OK then"
Kirsty looked down as pete removed her right shoe whilst kneeling before her. as she looked down she slowly said "it might pong a bit, i've been wearing those shoes all day and it has been hot. you don't mind do you Pete?" ,"Erm… n-n-no, not at all,” Pete replied. He finished slipping her shoe off, to be confronted by Kirsty’s dainty right foot. Beneath the sheen of its’ dark nylon covering, he could see perfectly manicured red-painted toenails, and without knowing why, he swallowed.
"Aaaaahhh, that feels better already.” Kirsty, clearly glad to be rid of the tight shoe with the three inch heel, sighed audibly and flexed her toes in the cool air. Then she crossed her right leg over the left and dangled the foot close to the kneeling youth, indicating that he should start.
Pete stared at her foot, then slowly reached out to grasp it in both hands. Beneath his palms, he heard the warm, slightly damp nylon rasp sensuously as he began to rub it slowly, and he coloured slightly.
Mmmmmm, that’s great, but rub it a bit harder……”
Pete did as she asked, feeling his hard-on grow within his pants. He had never been this close to a beautiful girl before, and desperately tried to keep his gaze fixed on just the foot he was massaging. Even so, he was acutely conscious of the view his lowly kneeling position afforded him, and every so often he couldn’t stop himself from gazing higher, along the generous length of sleek nyloned thigh that emerged from Kirsty’s short skirt. Occasionally, the pretty girl above him shifted slightly, and the hem seemingly accidentally inched higher on her thighs. If Kirsty noticed, she didn’t seem bothered.
“Does it?”
“Huh?” The question had taken Pete off guard, brought him out of his erotic revelry as if struck by a lightning bolt.
“Does it smell, silly!” Kirsty raised her foot higher, and before Pete could move, he found damp nyloned toes jammed under his nose, pressing hard against his mouth. He breathed in the aroma, a musky, almost earthy smell, slightly bitter but certainly not unpleasant. Not trusting his voice to be steady, Pete murmured a half-hearted no, that they didn’t smell at all. Kirsty giggled and called him a liar, then removed her foot from his face and placed it on his thigh, agonisingly close to the straining bulge. Without thinking, Pete ran his tongue over the light sheen of sweat that had collected on his lips from the damp nylon, savoured it silently.
As Kirsty lifted her left shoe for him to remove it, Pete gasped audibly. With her left leg lifted from the floor, and her thighs parted slightly, the hem of Kirsty’s skirt now scooted up to no more than an inch below her crotch. On his knees before her, Pete was presented with a tunnel of black-nyloned thigh flesh. He followed it all the way to the juncture, where the nylon was darker still as it flowed over her upper thighs and rounded buttocks. In the gloom he could clearly make out the white vee of knickers underneath the dark outer material, and he stared open mouthed.
Another giggle from above, and then the shoe tapped his cheek. “Hey you! Mr peeping tom! Stop trying to look under my skirt and take the shoe off instead.” Kirsty’s voice was laced with humour, not anger.
Pete looked up into her mocking face and apologised profusely. He began to remove the shoe, but noticed that the knees in front of his face appeared to move even wider apart rather than closing. He massaged her left foot, darting occasional glances upwards. Above him, Kirsty pretended not to notice his voyeurism, and smiled secretly to herself as she continued to tease the youth mercilessly. It was fun to see how turned on she could get him, and she shifted slightly in her seat again, allowed her skirt to hike higher. Underneath the material of her knickers, that Pete was straining so hard to get a glimpse of, she felt herself begin to get wet.
Suddenly, Kirsty told him to stop, mumbled something about preferring her feet to be bare. She stood up in front of the kneeling youth, so close that her skirt hem brushed his chin, then reached underneath it with both hands. An over-awed Pete watched slack-jawed as her fingers reappeared, this time clutching the bunched up nylon of her tights. More of the gossamer material gathered as she skinned them down her lightly tanned thighs, instructed him to remove them the rest of the way himself. With one hand on his head to steady herself, Kirsty daintily stepped out of her tights and sat down again, smiling mysteriously.
“Hey, Pete. Have you ever sucked a girl’s toes before?”
Pete shook his head dumbly.
“Good. That means I can be your first.” Kirsty brought her right foot up onto the chair until it was almost tucked underneath her pale buttocks, then reached forward and tugged gently on his hair, steering his mouth towards her scarlet tipped toes. With an imperceptible groan, Pete opened his mouth and swallowed her big toe, sucking on it gently. Immediately to his left, he fixed his eyes on the white gusset of Kirsty’s knickers just inches from his face, stared longingly at the nest of hair that showed as a dark shadow beneath the lace. One stray curl had escaped the elastic edge, drawing his gaze.
Behind him, the door to the stables opened silently, and Fiona entered. She looked at the kneeling youth, his mouth crammed full of Kirsty’s toes, and smiled.
Kirsty saw her as she entered and smiled back, whilst Pete sucked on the toes that were crammed into his mouth. Kirsty slowly removed her toes and looked down at the boy kneeling before her who had still not realised Fiona's presence.
" I guess I had better get you home now footboy, that is unless you want to stay for a bit?" said Kirsty.
"I wouldn't mind staying for a bit" said Pete.
"But you would have to make it worth our while," butted in Fiona, "It would be for our pleasure not yours."
"How could I make it worth your while Fiona?" asked Pete, his heart pounding. Like most of the boys in school, he found both girls to be stunningly attractive, and would have done anything to be allowed to stay around for a while.
From above his head, he heard Kirsty chuckle. He turned back to look at her, was just in time to see her exchange a mischievous grin and a wink with Fiona.
“That depends,” Kirsty said, acting coy. “What time do you have to be home?”
“I don’t. Not until about eleven, anyway.” Pete said it as if he was allowed out till that time every night, although in truth, his mother usually insisted he was home by ten.
But Kirsty was hoping he’d say something like that. There was a fair chance of it, because today was Friday, and even mere sixteen year olds were allowed out late when they didn’t have school the next day. She shared another sly look with Fiona.
“Ok, but if we let you stay, you have to promise to do everything we want.”
“Everything?” Pete darted another quick glance at Kirsty’s legs. She was now half slouched in her chair, her golden thighs still slightly parted to give him the view he so desperately craved. He was too young to know that Kirsty was doing it deliberately, thought that she was just unaware of how much she was showing. His hard-on throbbed painfully, and he ached to take it out, hook those snowy white knickers to one side and push it deep between her spread legs.
“Everything,” Repeated Fiona, the proximity of her voice telling him she was now very close behind him. “But we don’t trust you yet. To start with, you’ll have to let us tie you up, just incase you try and rape us.”
“You can fuck off!” Pete snorted. “I’m not letting anyone tie me up. What if you don’t untie me later? You’d make me look like a right dickhead!”
“Fair enough,” Sniffed Fiona. “You obviously don’t like blowjobs, then. OK, maybe we’ll see you on Monday at school….. Maybe we won’t.”
Still on his knees, and with his mouth wide open in amazement, Pete looked from one girl to the other. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. She had used the B word. It was the word that every teenage male past the age of puberty was obsessed with. “Hang on a minute…… Did you say blowjob? Seriously?”
“Of course we did, I mean, what else did you think we brought you here for?” Kirsty’s voice sounded hurt at his rejection. “We were planning to take turns sucking you off, have a competition and let you decide who was the winner.”
“But never mind, we’ll have to find someone else then. See you next week.” Fiona also sounded bitterly disappointed.
“Wait! Maybe I could stay a bit longer… I mean, I don’t want to spoil your competition, or anything.” Pete hoped his voice hadn’t betrayed his eagerness. It had.
“You would? Oh Pete, that’s great!” Kirsty smiled delightedly, then had second thoughts. “But like I said, you’d have to do everything we said…..”
“I will, I will!”
“And let us tie you up, as well……Just in case.” This said by Fiona, who was having difficulty in containing a giggle. Pete never noticed, he was nodding so eagerly.
“OK then, you can stay,” Kirsty stood up, smoothed down her skirt and stepped back into her high-heeled loafers. “But take your shirt off first so we can see your muscles.
In two seconds, Pete had shrugged the shirt off, losing a button or two in the process. He stood between the two girls, his firm, well developed muscles trembling with excitement, eager for them to get on with giving him his first ever blowjob. Using Kirsty’s discarded tights, Fiona took her time tying his wrists tightly behind his back. She double checked each knot, then nodded to her friend with an evil grin. Once he was secured, both giggling girls attacked his belt buckle and zip, dragged his pants down to his ankles, left them there to restrict movement of his feet. Finally, an eager Pete stood before them practically naked apart from a pair of white Calvin Kleins.
Both girls studied the healthy straining bulge in the front of them with amusement, then Kirsty finally reached out and stroked it with her soft fingers, teasingly. She traced the outline of their captive’s cock for a second, then grasped it through the material and squeezed hard. Pete closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, failed to see the stifled giggles from each of his tormentresses. He opened them just in time to see Kirsty sink to her knees and then felt her peel his briefs down his legs. His throbbing cock sprang out and bobbed uncontrollably at 90 degrees in front of her face, the bulbous head just inches from her succulent red lips. She stroked it softly as she rose to her feet again, her nimble fingers stretching the loose skin up and down over the taut head of his organ. Pete closed his eyes again and shuddered in sheer ecstasy, hoped he wouldn’t come before Kirsty started sucking it.
He was brought out of his fantasy by a stinging slap across his cheek.
“Get down on your knees, slave!”
“Huh? Jesus, Kirsty. What the fuck are you……?”
Another slap, and then from behind him, Fiona kicked the back of his knees. He went down struggling to keep his balance. Both girls loomed high above him now, their smiles mocking him.
“We changed our mind about the blowjob,” Fiona sneered. “Instead, we thought it would be fun to turn you into our slave.”
“You fucking conniving bitches!”
“Oh dear, Fiona, I don’t think he wants to be our slave.” Kirsty tutted. “Never mind, you’ll find my riding crop over there on the wall. That should help.”
Needing no second bidding, Fiona skipped across the stable and scooped up the vicious leather crop. She returned clutching it in both hands, a huge eager grin splitting her face.
“Get your face down on the floor, slave!” Kirsty grabbed a fistful of Pete’s hair and pushed his head down until his mouth was pressed against concrete. She laid her shoe on the back of his neck and dug it in hard, mashing his lips against the floor. With his hands bound tightly behind him, and his backside stuck up in the air, Pete had never felt more humiliated in his life. Above his furious curses, the girls debated how many strokes to give him.
“I say we start with ten.” Fiona clearly wanted to make a good job of it.
“No, just give him five to start with, and see if he gets the message.”
There was a vicious whoosh as the leather sliced through the air, and then a sharp crack as pain exploded on Pete’s arse. He yelled in surprise and wriggled painfully.
“Keep still!” The shoe on the back of his neck got heavier, the heel digging in painfully.
Thwaaackk, Thwaaackk!!
A brief pause, then Thwaaackk!! Through his screams of agony, Pete could hear peals of laughter, and then the weight was lifted from his neck. The tip of a shoe nudged his cheek, and then he felt it brush his lips.
“Did that hurt, Pete? Good. And unless you want more of it, you’d better show me what a good slave you are by licking my shoes clean.”
Pete told her to fuck off. He tried to rise, but his lack of balance and his bound arms prevented him from getting more than a few inches. The shoe was jammed back onto his neck as Kirsty forced his face back onto the floor.
“Yes, you were right Fiona. We should have given him ten to start with.”
“No problems,” Fiona’s voice was cheerful as she replied. “I’ll give him ten good ones now, then.”
The pretty girl began to lay into his backside with her crop again, the vicious blows raising welts with every loud slap. Pete screamed loudly against the concrete floor, began to apologise after four. At seven, he was begging and pleading for the girls to stop, promising them anything they wanted. Kirsty and Fiona just laughed louder, keeping him there until he had received all ten blows. He finally collapsed, sobbing.
Again, the shoe was jammed under his nose and he heard Kirsty ordering him to lick it clean. This time, Pete stuck his tongue out with no hesitation, and began to sweep it across the smooth leather. He nearly gagged when the first particles of dust collected in his mouth, but rather than protest again, he swallowed and carried on licking.
With feet splayed wide and hands on hips, Kirsty grinned as she watched him work. She had dreamed of this moment for so long, having a man at her feet, totally at her mercy. She turned her ankle slightly, reminded Pete not to forget the backs of her shoes, heard a giggle from Fiona when the naked grovelling youth struggled to adjust his position on the floor.
Finally, Pete had cleaned every inch of leather on both shoes. He looked up at his new Mistress, hoping she was satisfied. Her lightly tanned legs rose like twin collumns from either side of his head, curving gently under her short flared skirt until they reached her skimpy white knickers. This time, however, Pete failed to see anything erotic in the sight. His hard-on had deflated long ago, and he was now too busy worrying about whether Kirsty would use the crop on him again.
“Not bad, slave. But you still have Fiona’s boots to clean as well.”
Pete groaned inwardly, then struggled around on the floor until he faced Fiona’s ankle boots. He sank his mouth to them and resumed licking, dragging his tongue slowly over the toe. Above his head, he heard Kirsty asking Fiona for the crop.
“Let me know if he misses any bits, Fiona. I’m dying to give him another whipping….”

Twenty minutes later, Pete lay face down, exhausted and with an aching jaw. He had worked hard at cleaning the boots, had thought he was finished until Fiona pointed out that he forgot the wicked three and a half inch heels. Kirsty had tutted, then took great pleasure in administering another five blows, carefuly aiming them so they bit into the welts from his previous whipping. Pete had then spent the next ten minutes sucking the heels of Fiona’s boots as she forced them deep into his mouth, gagging every time they hit the back of his throat.
The girls had found some horse reins, fixed them round his neck like a leash. Then with his knees scraping the ground painfully, they had forced Pete to crawl out of the stable, across the yard and into the house. They had decided to change out of their school clothes, and apparently Kirsty’s mother and stepfather would not be home for many hours.
Any hopes Pete had that his ordeal would soon be over were scotched as they reached the back door. The girls had forced him down onto his back next to the step. Using the wall for support, Kirsty had then stepped up onto his chest, making Pete groan with the weight of her heels on his ribs. With a cruel smile (and with Fiona standing next to her with the whip just in case), Kirsty had extended her foot until it was over his mouth and ordered him to clean the sole as she didn’t want to get the carpets dirty. Gasping for breath, Pete licked the grit and mud from the smooth soles until they shone. When she was satisfied, Kirsty skipped off him using his face as a stepping stone, and her weight was replaced by Fiona’s ankle boots.
Up in the spare room, he had been made to lie on the floor on his back, still trussed up and with the reins tied to one of the legs of the bed, while he listened to the two girls take showers and discuss clothes animatedly. Both were about the same size, and so Kirsty had offered her sumptuous wardrobe to her friend. Finally, the door swung open, and Kirsty and Fiona hove back into view. They walked slowly up to Pete, took position either side of him and looked down with mischievous glints in their eyes.
Kirsty now wore a short sundress, her long legs still bare, her feet clad in strappy open-toed sandals with a vicious stiletto heel of three inches. Opposite her, Fiona wore a skimpy pink top which left her midriff bare and emphasised her deep cleavage. Below it, a short black leather miniskirt flared out from her hips. Black stockings and patent black four inch pumps completed the outfit.
“Hope you didn’t miss us too much when we were getting changed,” Fiona cooed.
“We had a lot of fun trampling you before, so we’ve decided to see what it’ll be like doing it with stilettos as well.” Kirsty raised her foot and let it hover in front of Pete’s face, before finally letting the heel rest on his chin. She dug it in slightly, as if testing the springiness of the flesh. “Fiona reckons it’ll be way too painful, but I think you’ll be able to take it easily.”
“Uh, actually, I never. What I said was we’d have to be careful we didn’t draw blood. I mean, they do look pretty sharp, and we don’t want to mess up the carpets……” Fiona studied the way the heel of her pump tapered to a vicious metal tip.

Kirsty studied the beige-coloured carpet thoughtfully. “Hmmm, you’re right too. Mum will kill me if she sees blood on it. Hold on, I’ll go and get a spare blanket.”
She was back in less than a minute, shaking the folds out of a large brown car rug and spreading it out on the floor. Then the two giggling girls dragged and rolled a struggling Pete onto it until he was once again on his back in the middle of it, laying on his trussed up hands. A heavily breathing Kirsty tucked a stray strand of hair out of her face and wondered who should go first.
“Me!” Fiona cried eagerly. “I’m going to try and walk the whole length of his body.”
“OK, but be careful you don’t fall off and hurt yourself.”
A frown of concern appeared on Kirsty’s face as she watched her friend move towards the supine youth’s thighs, lifted one heel up and rested it on the bare flesh. Fiona grinned and dug the heel in until it formed a tiny crater, testing the platform, ignoring the groan of pain from Pete. She looked up at Kirsty and licked her lips nervously.
“OK, I’m ready. But you’d better move a bit closer in case I need to grab hold of you.” Kirsty nodded, planted her feet astride their victim’s shoulders, held her arms half out ready to catch a toppling Fiona. She looked down sternly at the face between her feet and glared at Pete, warned him not to struggle.
With a giggle, Fiona stepped up onto her human platform, causing it to groan in pain. A second later and she had planted the other shoe on Pete’s left thigh, her legs slightly shaky, like a novice skiier. She kept most of her weight on the soles of her shoes, getting used to the balance.
On the floor beneath the two girls, Pete had decided that things could have been worse. Fiona’s weight wasn’t that bad on the fleshy part of his thighs to be honest, and towering above his head were the toned and tanned collumns of Kirsty’s legs. At their apex, an even skimpier G-string than before hugged the cleft of her perfect buttocks, the glorious view causing Pete’s cock to stir and thicken again.
Suddenly, Pete was jolted by a new sensation of pain as Fiona gained enough confidence to shift her weight, now relying more on the vicious heels of her pumps for balance. He screwed his face up in pain, and squealed loudly.
“Awww, shut up, you baby!” Kirsty shifted her weight to one leg, freeing up the other enough to jab her stilletto-heeled sandal into his ribs. He yelped again, but fearing further injury, kept still.
“This is fun! I think I’m getting the hang of it now.” With arms spread wide for balance, the grinning Fiona began to climb Pete’s body inch by painful inch, her heels gouging deeply into his flesh. Every time she lifted one to take another step, a generous crater remained in the flesh left behind, a purple bruise filling the centre.
Pete actually did scream when she stood on his cock.
Fiona did it quite deliberately. The sole of her pump firstly just brushing the organ, almost stroking it gently. Then with a wicked smile, she ground it down hard with all her weight, squashing his dick flat against his stomach. As both girls squealed with delight, Pete’s whole body tensed and he began to sweat with the sheer exertion of remaining still. On the advice of Kirsty, Fiona rotated her shoe back and forth, the agony so intense that Pete could remain still no longer. He bucked as much as his trussed arms would allow, arcing his body high and sending Fiona tumbling.
A concerned Kirsty rushed forward to try and catch her, one of her own heels digging into Pete’s shoulder and causing him to buck again. With a shriek, Fiona lost her balance, the sharp four inch heel of her pump scraping a deep bloody channel into Pete’s stomach, mere inches from his penis. Fortunately, her landing was soft as her well rounded derriere hit Pete’s stomach, the collision causing the breath to leave him with a wumph. She ended up astride him, skirt hiked high on her waist, lacy black knickers squashing and trapping his bruised cock.
Kirsty had also fallen, her knees colliding with the hapless Pete’s chest mere milliseconds after the wind had been forced from him. She now lay on his stomach facing Fiona, legs akimbo, her scantily-clad pussy so close to the youth’s gasping mouth that she could feel the warmth of his breath. For one brief second, she debated whether to slide back even further, decided it could wait.
After checking that nobody was injured (Except Pete, who didn’t count), both girls broke into raucous giggles and Kirsty scrambled to her feet again. With a gleam in her eye, she dug a heel into Pete’s chest.
“Oh dear, Pete. You really shouldn’t have done that. Now we’re really going to punish you…..” She turned to Fiona, who was still straddling the prisoner, told her to stay where she was so she could stop him from wriggling. Fiona smiled back eagerly, deciding that it wasn’t worth mentioning that under her skirt she could feel Pete’s cock starting to grow larger against the warmth radiating from her knickers. Instead, she moved her hips imperceptibly against the shaft, relished the way it throbbed against her clitoris.
Kirsty hopped up onto her new slave’s chest, balancing her weight on both heels, eliciting a groan of pain from Pete. To shut him up, she extended one sandal until the heel was pushing against his lips, parting them forcibly. As soon as Pete’s mouth opened slightly, she jammed the heel all the way in until the sole was mashing his nose flat. With a chuckle, Kirsty transferred more weight onto it.
“Suck it, you lazy bastard!”
Pete sucked it, not suring whether he was in heaven or hell as a result of the treatment he was receiving from these two sexy but cruel women. Under Kirsty’s heels the pain from his chest and face was intense, yet further down he could feel the warmth of Fiona’s thighs astride his hips, the damp heat of her knickers grinding slowly against his cock. He hoped that Fiona at least would not stop.
In the next instant, Pete knew that he was definitely in hell. The sandal that had been jammed in his mouth was removed with a wet plop, and Kirsty transferred it to his neck. He felt the heel digging in dangerously as she applied more weight, the sole pushing down on his adam’s apple, cutting off all breathing. Pete tried to squirm, but found he couldn’t with Fiona’s weight on top of his hips.
“Ack! Aaaargh!” He looked up at Kirsty with desperate eyes, his face already starting to go red. With hands on hips, she stared back at him calmly, slightly curious, amused even.
“Ghhhh…. Aggghhhh….”
Kisrty’s smile grew wider as she watched the horrified face under her shoe darken, the eyes bulging. She checked her watch with idle curiosity.
Pete’s face was now a rictus of stretched muscles as he struggled desperately for breath. Tears streamed down his cheeks as if they were being forced out by the weight of the pretty girl above him, and he felt his vision blur. Finally, Kirsty stepped back onto his chest, the pain of her heels digging in almost a relief to Pete as he sucked in precious air.
“How long?” Fiona asked.
“Just over 40 seconds. That was fun.” Kirsty swivelled to face her friend, the movement sending her heels another half inch into Pete’s chest, causing him to moan. Ignoring him, Kirsty noted the slab of flesh that Fiona was rubbing against for the first time.
“Christ! No wonder you were quiet.”
Fiona just smiled serenely at her, scooted back slightly and grasped the offending organ. She plucked it away from Pete’s body to give Kirsty a better view, then grinned evilly.
“I think that we should have a bit of fun with this too.”
“I don’t see why not. He is our slave after all.” Kirsty’s brow knitted in thought, then she brightened. “But let’s tie something round it so he won’t be able to come! That way, we can both have a go on it, and he doesn’t get to have any fun.”
In seconds, Kirsty had leaped off the still groaning Pete and fetched one of her hair ribbons from a drawer. She hopped back up on Pete’s chest and watched Fiona carefully loop the material round the base of the penis, pull it tight and tie it off in a double knot. She saw the way the torniquet made the organ swell angrily and grinned.
“Much better! OK, you can go first if you like, I’m going to have some more fun this end.”
An eager Fiona leaned back and quickly peeled her knickers down her legs, before once again straddling Pete’s cock and positioning it against herself. With eyes closed and lips parted, she impaled herself and slid slowly down the collumn of flesh, savouring every delicious inch.
“Aaaaaaahhh! God, that feels lovely!”
Kirsty meanwhile, placed a sandal on either side of Pete’s face and lowered herself until she was sitting on his face, her skimpy white g-string totally cutting off his mouth as a source of oxygen. She smiled at him.
“OK Pete, time to try again. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath this time……” Her delicate fingers reached down and pinched the nostrils of her unfortunate victim tightly closed, and she settled down harder and got ready to watch his struggles.
Five minutes later, with Fiona now groaning loudly as she bounced up and down on her human dildo, Kirsty looked thoughtfully at the face between her thighs. She had made him hold his breath twice now, and his complexion was beet red in colour as he sucked air in gratefully, attempting to re-oxygenate his lungs for the next round. The trouble was, she was definitely getting turned on from the feel of his lips against her gusset, and from listening to Fiona pleasure herself.
“Let’s try a new game now, Pete.” Kirsty smiled as she reached down and hooked her knickers to one side. “This time I’ll sit on your face again, but I won’t pinch your nose as long as you keep licking me how I like it.”
Before Pete could object, Kirsty slid forward. Seconds later, she let out a gasp as she felt him go to work………..

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