Office Slave

This story relates the tale of a hapless office worker and his experiences after paying too much attention to the beautiful feet of a member of the clerical staff.

For some time Joe had noticed the way Louise walked around the office and the variety of footwear she used. He had long had dreams of being trampled under women's feet and admired from a distance the feet of many women. He spotted Louise and had thought how wonderful it would be to get a closer view of her lovely, powerful feet. As well as having gorgeous toes and heels as seen when she wore open sandals and better still 3" wedge sling backs, Joe knew Louise would be a very dangerous lady to be trampled by as she was an athlete. Joe could see that her shoes strained under her magnificence and power and wished he could feel the power she excised first hand. Little did he know what was in store for him!

One morning about an hour before lunch Joe went to do some photocopies. He walked around the corner into the copy room and there, alone, was Louise with a pile of copying work. Almost without thinking he realised this was his opportunity to get a closer look at those feet. Louise was wearing a skirt just above her knees with black leather boots to the knee. The boots had about a 3" solid block type heel and showed a fair amount of wear and were a bit dirty as it was wet weather outside. Whilst approaching the copier he took off his gold signet ring with the intention of dropping it on the floor near those lovely feet so he would have an excuse to get near and have a good look. As he approached Louise said hi and asked if he only had a few copies did he want her to stop her job and let him do his. Louise was standing with her weight on her left leg and her right heel gently pivoting on the hard lino floor which somewhat took Joe's attention. Louise saw where he was looking and applied more pressure to the right heel then asked Joe the question again and snapped her right foot to the floor. This broke Joe out of the gaze who said in a bit of a stutter, 'What? Oh, yes please'. He took his copying out of it's folder and moved to the machine whilst Louise took her work to one side.

Louise turned the other way so Joe took the opportunity to drop the ring on the floor. He finished his copying and moved away to the door. Louise took her position back at the machine. He then turned back and said that he seems to have lost his ring, she moved away from the machine but Joe said 'it's ok I'll have a look you carry on with your work'. Joe could see the ring just under the front of the machine. He got down on his knees pretending to search for his ring but all the while looking at the beautiful objects in front of him moving as Louse's body weight shifted as she worked. Louise moved her feet in a very sexy and powerful way. She put her weight to the outside edge on both feet and tipped those boots almost sideways, the leather groaning under the extreme pressure. Joe glanced a look up and saw her leg muscles tensing and relaxing. The feet then moved forward and pressed the toe of the right sole against the copier about 4" up and pushed hard scraping a mark on the side of the copier and buckling the steel side panel. Joe felt an extreme hard developing the like of which he'd not had before and wondered how he would hide this from Louise.

Then Louise released her right foot from crushing the side panel and nosed the toe of the boot under the panel which was about an inch off the floor just where the ring was! The toe pressed down, gripped the ring and slid it from under the machine by about 18". She then positioned her right foot with the ring under the arch so hidden from Joe's view. He decided to withdraw and said to Louise he had not found the ring. She said she'd look for it and be sure to give it him if she found it. Joe went back to his desk.
Ten minutes later Joe had a call from Louise, she'd found his ring, would he like to come a get it? Joe took a call after that and then went to get his ring back. When he arrived Louise stood up and looked very apologetic, 'sorry' she said, 'I've dropped it under my desk at the back, would you like to get it as my skirt is too tight for me to get down there?' Joe went under the desk without thinking. This was the moment his life changed. He could not see the ring but Louise said to look right at the back. Her desk was a corner unit against a wall on one side and a counter on the other. He realised the light was getting worse and looked round to see Louise walking towards him and the desk, draw the chair in and sit down. He moved towards the opening but her left foot moved towards his head and clamped his head to the floor whilst her right foot moved to a position on his neck with the heel down one side and arch locked in to the curve of his neck. He was taken by surprise and while loving the feeling of power was worried about what might happen next. He moved his hands to the boot on his neck which had begun to hurt as Louise had relaxed her weight onto his neck. When she felt his hands she barked down 'hands off, I'm in charge now', and flexed her right ankle muscles back and forward as a demonstration of her power. He released his hands.

She then looked down at Joe and told him how she had noticed how he looked at her feet over the last few weeks and watched when he had dropped the ring and had been looking at her feet by the copier. She also said her last foot slave was worn out as she had done some of her running practice on him and that he was going to be her next foot slave. She asked if he would like to kiss her feet. He said yes so she told him she'd release his neck so he could kiss and lick her boots clean but if he tried to escape she drive her heels into his skull and crush him just like the panel on the copier. Needless to say he spent a good few minutes kissing and licking her boots 'till they shone. She then asked him to stretch out his hand in front of him. She placed her right boot sole on his hand and stood up on his hand, the pressure was great but bearable. 'Good' she said, 'now to brand you as my slave'! She then moved her foot to position her right heel over Joe's hand and with one sudden move put all her weight on to the heel and rocked back to put all the weight on the back edge of the heel. Blood was beginning to ooze from under the heel. She lifted off and moved the heel through 90 degrees and down and again plunged the edge of the heel with all her weight into his hand. Joe could not yell out such was the pain. Louise released his hand and Joe could see the letter L was stamped into his hand.

'You can go now', said Louise, 'but I want you in the filing room tomorrow lunchtime, it's private in there so I can have some fun!' Joe crawled out and wrapped his hand in tissues. Louise added, 'don't forget you're my foot slave now, I've got pictures of you kissing my boots and licking them clean so if you don't obey I'll let all the office see them!'

Hear what happens to Joe and his life as a foot slave in future episodes.

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