Mistress Footgirl´s Furniture Slave – The Beginning


    It had taken me quite a long time but finally, I was there. It was just after I had finished university that I came to England to work there as a teacher of German and English. I had decided to go there in order to collect some practical experience and, of course, to improve my English. But after all, things worked out rather differently, and nothing now is still what it was before.

    It started all off right on my first day at the school where I was sent to educate a class of 19 year-old pupils. Was it that they were wearing uniforms or how self-confident they were acting? – I do not know. However, most of them were girls, or I should better say young ladies, and one was more beautiful and exciting than the other. Nevertheless, one of them caught my attention completely and I could not let eyes of her. She was a 5’ 9’’ brunette with shoulder length hair. And although she was wearing a uniform I could easily guess that this uniform was hiding a perfectly shaped body, yes, it was more like her uniform was emphasising the perfection of her appearance. – I felt helpless and irritated.

    I introduced myself to the pupils and asked them to put their names on a piece of paper and to place it right in front of them on their desks. I told them that I wanted thus learn all their names but, in fact, the only name I was interested in was HERS – it was “Jewel” as I could read. After that, I tried to tell them some basics about Germany. In the course of this, Jewel was permanently looking at me – straight in the eyes! Her looks were strict and severe. I was not able to stand this although I was trying to ignore her – I simply could not, and I slightly began to stutter. The students had to laugh, all of them except from one, of course. So I tried to structure the lesson differently. (By the way, who was it actually to be taught a lesson? Obviously me! But yet I struggled on.) I asked the students to brain-storm some of the most common prejudices against the Germans because I wanted them to get rid of these. Soon, I had to recognise that this was a big mistake. It happened that Jewel was the first one to put her hand up.

“Yes please, er, Jewel”, I said.

“The Germans, especially German males, and even more especially male German teachers are very submissive to females, especially English females, and even more especially to female English students in their class”, she replied.

That was a statement! I felt highly impressed of how her sexual attraction mixed with the sophistication of a mature woman. There was cold sweat on my forehand, and not only there, it was on my back and everywhere on my body. It must have taken ages until I was able to think and as well speak again. It did not take her neither very long nor, as it seemed, much effort to make me hers. I had no will on my own.

    Somehow, the lesson finally ended. I cannot remember what else happened. My mind was far away, and I tried to figure out how life should go on for the next ten months that I had planned to stay here.

    Soon after the school-bell rung, all the students left the room, all except of one again. (It looks like this young goddess was eagerly attempting to swim against the tide!) She walked straight up to me. Her heels were clicking over the wooden floor. – I could not move. She came as close as she could get without touching me, and I could smell her discreet and elegant perfume. She looked me straight in the eyes, and said:

“I am Jewel. Jewel Footgirl. You shall call me Mistress Jewel Footgirl. Furthermore, you shall be my slave, and I hope, no, I recommend to you to be a good slave. Your obsequiousness will be my pleasure, your pain my satisfaction. I will humiliate and ridicule you. It´s going to be the hardest time of your life but you will get used to it and finally enjoy it. So, little shithead, are you willing to follow me on your way from heaven into hell and back?”   My head was pounding and my heart was beating rapidly. What a lady! She was all I had ever dreamt of. So beautiful and graceful but also strong and dominant. I could not help it, it was too late – she had already captured all my senses. What else could I say than

“Yes, I am.”

Immediately, she hit me in the face and hissed

“How did I tell you to call me, slave?”

At once, I begged her pardon. I was really ashamed, and I replied

“Yes, I am, Mistress Jewel Footgirl.”

“That´s better, slave! – I want you to go home now. It´s enough for today but I will teach you a lot of things the next days. You´re gonna be my furniture slave! Go home now, you useless bungler!”

    That was my first meeting with Mistress Jewel Footgirl. And I knew that it was not my last. She would abuse and submit as it might please her in the days to come. And I was ready to take it. I love and adore her so much. She is my goddess, and I want to be totally hers. – There is still a lot to be told, the story is far from being over...

Mistress Footgirl´s Furniture Slave – The First Night


    After Mistress Footgirl had left the class-room I stood there in total excitement. I was so upset that I rushed into the teachers´ room, packed my things, and left the school without saying good-bye. I wanted to go home but my mind was in a state of complete chaos. So, without realising what I was actually doing, I went through the streets of this town that was still such foreign to me. I felt like an alien, and when I was able to form a clear thought again I had to recognise that it was already late in the evening – for how many hours had I been floating through these streets? I really could not say. I decided to stop off at a pub that was on my way. I found my place in a corner of the small room where I sat down at a table. I ordered a glass of lager beer and smoked a cigarette. For the first time today I felt really comfortable, and I thought

“Alright now, “Strange things happen” was it saying in a Billy Bragg song, and now it´s time to leave this strange day behind!”

But then I remembered that in the said song it went on with “when you´re not around” – well, it looked like it was just the other way round in my situation. At this point of my reflections I still could not know that the fatal proposition of this prophecy should soon be fulfilled. But this changed immediately when the door opened and a young lady dressed in black wearing high leather boots entered the pub. I spluttered my beer when I realised who was this goddess coming in: Jewel Footgirl – my mistress!! I tried to keep my eyes on the floor in a rather shy way – perhaps she would not see me here in my corner of submissiveness. I could feel the calm before the storm: The calm was the music that surprisingly stopped when she walked up the narrow aisle through the bar so all those present could hear her heels clicking. And the storm? Well, no need to say who that was...

    Of course, my silent hope that she might fail to notice me was completely naive. All the people in the pub could see her as she sat down across from me. Again, there was a phase of silence which, how I felt, lasted for ages while she was facing me, superciliously looking me in the eyes. Then she raised her chin, took a deep breath, and kicked me in the balls. – I writhed with pain and I wrestled for some air. My balls hurt terrible, and when I looked up again I could see a content smile in her face.

“Are you lucky to see me, slave?”, she asked.

“Yes, I am, Mistress”, I replied still suffering from the pain she had just caused me.

“I am glad to have found you here because I´m in a rather bad mood at the moment, and I want you to submit to me. I´m going to humiliate you the whole night long, dirty asshole!”, she remarked in a harsh way, and I was sure that she was certain about her words.

“First of all, another formal thing, you bastard. I think I should give you a proper name which identifies you as my slave. So what does toesucker mean in German?”, she asked.

“Zehenlutscher”, I obediently answered.

“Okay, than your full new name shall be Mistress Jewel Footgirl´s Zehenlutscher. Probably I will abbreviate this to Zehenlutscher.”

I agreed with that and said

“My name is Mistress Jewel Footgirl´s Zehenlutscher. I will serve her forever. My life is in her hands, and I´m willing to do anything she pleases.”

She seemed to be content with that. Than she raised and went to the bar where she sat down on a stool. She gave me a sign to come over to her and kneel down right in front of her while all the other persons present were fascinatedly watching this scene.

“Lick – my – boots -, Zehenlutscher!” she said slowly and with certainty.

“Your most obedient servant I am”, said I becoming more and more aroused.

I began to lick the dusty soles of her boots that she was winding to the left and to the right in order to make sure that there would not be any single part missed. When I wanted to kiss the upper leather of her sexy shoes it occurred that she jumped off her stool, kicked my chest so that I fell on my back, and pressed her soles hard into my face.

“There is still a lot for you to learn, little Zehenlutscher. You only do what I, your mistress, tells you to do, and don´t make decisions on your own. You are nothing, be glad that I let you participate in my everything! You wanted to stop licking my soles, now you shall have it in complete, bitch! Lick it, lick it, lick it!! And do not dare to stop until your mistress tells you to stop!”, she shouted at me.

“I respectfully beg your pardon, Mistress. It shall not happen again, I want to be a good slave”, I said and did what she forced me to do.

“Alright then, let´s go”, she said, “before someone of these idiots in here might call the police or something!”

    Outside the pub I was highly surprised that she gave me a gentle kiss on my mouth and said with a soft voice “See you tomorrow in school”, but just a second later she rammed her right knee into my genitals and laughed “Zehenlutscher!”. – I crept over the dirty pavement as she went away. She left me between pleasure and pain. Gazing up into the dark sky I recognized myself as a creature driven and derided by the will of this young mistress. What tomorrow will bring? I could not say. But I felt my fear of social exclusion disappear in favour of her empire named Lust and Domination.

Mistress Footgirl´s Furniture Slave – The Shower


    The next day in school began very slow-moving. I had to teach some of the younger pupils. I was lacking concentration in my work, I had to think about the previous day all the time. In my third break I found a note on my place in the teachers´ room. It read as follows:

“Hello Zehenlutscher, be in the sports hall´s ladies´ locker after the last lesson. Your mistress is waiting for you!”

Well, that was something! I felt that I got aroused and how much I needed her. The next hours flew away, and then I went to the place I was ordered to go to. I had to wait a few minutes in which I thought about what Footgirl was planning to do with me. Then she came in with about ten other girls of her class. They had sportswear on since it was their PE lesson, and I could see that they were drenched with sweat. The girls were astonished to find me in their locker, except of one... Some of them were giggling, Jewel Footgirl told them to act just naturally, and so they undressed to have a shower. They were all such beautiful and captivating but Jewel was the superior goddess among them. She had a sexy tan, her tits and pussy almost made me faint! While all the other girls were washing themselves Jewel decided to have her special kind of shower: She slapped me round the face and ordered me to undress and to kneel to her feet. And what feet were these! Her toenails were painted dark red, and they were perfectly shaped. I had never seen a woman with such beautiful feet – I was on fire. I am sure that she was conscious about the perfection of her feet and body but nonetheless, she acted in a normal way, it was her nature to dominate. She placed the sole of her left foot in my face, and I had to lick off the sweat. I enjoyed the sweet odour that reached my nostrils and the salty taste on my tongue. The other girls under the showers were watching fascinatedly. From the corner of my eyes I could see that they were masturbating as my mistress made me suck her tremendous toes. Then she let me lick the sweat from her entire body, her legs, her stomach, her breast, her armpits. She ordered me to sit in the right corner of the room and pressed her ass into my face so that I could hardly breathe. I caressed her gorgeous ass-hole with my tongue, I let it slip in and out, and I really loved this. Suddenly she turned around and ridiculed me as she said

“Now it´s time for you to have a shower, stinky Zehenlutscher. And this will also quench your thirst if you open your mouth!”

I groaned loudly as I felt the hot juice flowing from her cunt right into my face. Oh man, it was as sweet as champagne and of course as worthy – I was in heaven, and heaven had been created by Mistress Jewel Footgirl. After she had poured her whole load down on me she turned away to leave. But before she went away she ordered the other girls to do the same she had just done. So it occurred that ten girls stood around me in a circle and pissed on me. In my position I was unable to see my mistress once more but I could hear her laughter, and I knew it was on me. Still as the girls climaxed I was thinking about how much I loved my goddess. I have lost my own will completely, my life is hers, and I really do need her strict government.

- more of this story is still to come -

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