Trampled by young sweaty feet

When I was growing up I used to hang out with my friend jon from down the street. we used to play nintendo in his basement and often times his younger sister would come down and join us. well i came up with all sorts of games with her putting her feet in my lap or across my back as a footstool, but my favorite was when she'd sit on the couch and i'd lay on the floor next to her feet. she usually wore socks, sometims she was make fun of her or ask her to kill me and shes stand up full weight on my back and just stand there sometimes bouncing. I would have her do that until i felt i might be in danger of breaking something, so id tell her i was dead. A few moments later, id say im not dead yet! she stand up again and crush me underfoot. Sometimes id lay by a chair and shed stand on me holding on to the armrest for support and jump on me. shed ask jump? id say if you want. of course she did. she used to laugh when my hair would bounce when shed land on me. it was a great sensation until one day she actually did hurt me. she climbed up to the top of that chair , maybe 3 and a half feet and jumped full weight on my back! I yelped in pain as i lay on the concrete floor. get off! i yelled. i though she broke some ribs! being trampled is great as long as no bones are broken!

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