Used and abused last night

I was naked awaiting my mistress, she came through the door with her little bag of tricks. She was wearing her sexy red dress and her cream stockings. I knew she was feeling sexy tonight. She ordered me to lay on my back on the quilt on the floor by the table. She took out two pairs of handcuffs and attached one ring to my arm and the other to the table leg rendering my arms motionless. She then put on my collar and lead tightly around my neck and pulled on it roughly saying "I'll be using this later"
She could see my cock was throbbing and her minge was wet also so she lowered herself slowly onto my erect friend and started tooing and throwing softly then harder. I could see her reaching for something from the bag and then "WHAP" she whipped me in the chest with her cat 'o' nine tails and again "Did you think I was gonna let you cum without having my fun first." She said in a stern voice. After playing with my cock she turned herself around on my cock so she could still have me inside her as she tied my legs together. Once she did that she turned back around stood up and took off her sexy thong she had been wearing for the last few hours. She rolled it up and stuffed it in my mouth so I could taste the wetness. She then got her gag and fastened that around my mouth making me bite on it and put it around my neck buckling it together. She also reached for the blindfold and covered my eyes with that. I knew what was coming now. She stood up and I could hear her pick up her shoes. I was defenceless though. She placed one stiletto on my chest and pushed her foot into it pushing her heel into my rib area she then put her other stiletto on my groin area and again pushed her foot into the black shiny pump. She proceeded to tease my cock for a bit grinding it underneath her shoe and then poking it with her heel. She stopped on my groin and I could feel her standing above me with me at her mercy and she loved this. She then gave me a sharp kick in the side before placing one shoe heavily on my chest then the second and started walking up and dowm my naked body. Every so often she would stand on one foot and bring the other down hard while verbally chastising me. She stepped off my body and I was literally shaking with excitement and fear all at once. "What do you say to your mistress" She said as she kicked me once again in the side. I muffled "Thank you mistress" through her soiled thong and my gag but she couldn't hear me so she stepped right up again harder this time and all over even on my legs. She then started a slow walk up my stomach to my chest then to my neck and had her heels stuck in my chest with the front of her shoe in my throat choking me. She then stepped with one foot full weight on my throat then slowly onto my head (Which she has never done before) She quickly jumped off but not before cutting my lip.
Next she let me out of my handcuffs and removed my blindfold also and winched at the lead. She ordered me onto all fours saying "after all that work slave I am very thirsty and I am sure you are too. She led me into the kitchen and fixed herself a drink. She sat on one of the chairs and put her feet up on me as a footrest. After she finished she said "Now you're time for a drink slave" and walked me to the bathroom. "On your back now" She demanded. She had her whip so I wasn't gonna argue. "Are you thirsty" she asked "yes" I replied in a muffled tone. "Good" so drink this and she proceeded to pee all over my face and into my mouth. Very warm and wet. After she finished she gave me a kick in the side and said "Now lick it off my shoes slave then clean it off the floor with tissue and then I'll clean it off you myself" I did as I was told then to clean me she walked me to the toilet pushed my head down the toilet shut the lid and flushed it wetting my head totally. "Good slave now you're clean you're gonna satisfy with that cock of yours.
She took me back into the room layed me on the floor and handcuffed me again. After a bit of oral gratification for her she started to ride my (by now) very hard cock. I could see she was loving it and I most certainly. She rode me for about 5 minutes before she got really close to cumming. For the finale she put on her pvc gloves which she loved to grip my neck with as she came. As she shuddered to an orgasm I shot my warm cum inside her and both of us screamed aloud. I added to the numerous bruises on my chest and lip with more on my wrist. We both lay there for a few minutes very happy with our couple of hours session and looking forward to the next time.
This was my fantasy for a very long time and now it has become a reality thanx to my very dominant and sexy mistress and girlfiend.

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