Disco Night

I had just finished DJ'ing a party and was at the bar enjoying a few drinks with Girls who had worked the Bar that night. On one of the Bar Stools were a pair of Stilletoes, I commented innocently that they would feel nice going up and down my back. Tina, 5'5", Blonde and petite told lay down then. Silly me. I said no, not in front of the dozen or so people left in the hall. "Dont be so soft, just fucking get down". I got down as I had been ordered and suddenly I felt the soft touch of the soul of one of her shoes against the small of my Back. Next, sheer pain as her heel dug deep into my Back, her full weight on this one shoe and giving me so much pain and pleasure. Her second shoe came to rest on my mid back and she walked up and down nice and slowly for about three minutes. When she got off, I joked that I had bearly felt a thing as she was so light. She pushed me back down and got on my Back for just a few seconds more, only this time she had all her weight on her heels. As you can all imagine, it was pure heaven and over all to quickly. The bruisng only lasted for a couple of days, but I still see her around Town and she always gives me a knowing smile. In the summer I have another Gig in the same hall and be more sober this time. Should I get lucky!...you will be the first to know.

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