On the beach

About a year back, some friends and myself went for a holiday over at Rottnest Island, I live in perth, Western Aust. At the time i was 17. I am in the unique position of having a friend who is the same age as me and almost loves womens feet as much as i do. Anyway, i have for a long time loved the whole trample scene but had only faint memories of actual experiences when i was alot younger. So me and my friend decided to look for some trampling over at Rotto [as its called]. At rottnest there is a beach called Pinkies, in which every night young people, ranging from 14 to 18, go to party and get with people. In the holidays it had people there every night, with the average turnout being around 50/60. when me and my friends got there we started drinking, and it wasnt long until me and my trample friend were quite tipsy, it was at this time that we decided to get some trample. We just started asking girls if we could suck their toes, the response was pretty amazing. all the girls were barefoot or were wearing sandals and their feet were covered in sand as it was a beach party. The vast majority of girls we asked were more than willing, and even the less enthused ones still let us do it. one girl, kerry, loved having both her feet sucked, one by each of us. I sucked on eleven different girls feet that night, my friend had a similar number. Out of them 11, i was trampled by eight, all of which really got into it. They all seemed to love trampling my head and face, and enjoyed pushing the side of my face into the sand with their feet. By the end of the night, i was feeling a little bit achy and my mouth was full of sand that had come off the girls feet, my friend was in a similar state, but we both were amazed at how lucky we had got. All through the night other guys at Pinkies were making comments about what we were doing but we didnt care and neither did the girls it seems. the next morning we left rotto, and it was a good thing to as it is only a small island and i think we would have been uncomfortable running into all these girls from the night before. We have ran into a couple of them back in perth, and they immediately remember us from rotto. Since then neither of us have been trampled, and i am eager to get some more. Anyway, i know that this was a bit long to post, but apart from my friend and the people of pinkies that night, nobody knows the story, and i wanted to share it with some people that would appreciate it.

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