Back in the 70s as a kid i stayed at a hotel in jersey with my family, every morning i used to wander the coridoors while the maids tidied the rooms, i used to help my self to stuff on the trollys leftover breakfast things, this one day i came upon an open door, no one about, inside the room was some luggage on a bed and on the bedside table a tray with a bacon sandwich on it, i slipped inside, i was about to take a bite when i heard female voices , i knew i was out of bounds so i slipped under the bed. In walked that nights occupent of the room to pick up her luggage, from beneath the bed i could see her in the dressing table mirror a middle age red haired beauty wearing a long dark coat and black boots with a low heel, she sat down on the bed to check her luggage as she did this her weight pinned me against the carpet, my face was looking toward her heels which slid backwards and came to rest on my face as she sat sorting her luggage, i was terrified of getting found out, but this women above me turned out to be unconcerned about what was under her boots, i didnt get found out because i kept quite even with this womans boot heels trapping my face for nearly 20 minutes, i remember i had a cut on my eyelid and a bruised cheek to explain to my mum later that day.

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