London Domination

I was in London recently, and I had a lot of time to kill. It just so happened that I was in a phone box in Oxford Street, and saw a card offering domination - so I called it to see, and soon found myself there.

I couldnt quite believe that I was actually going ahead. I was buzzed in, and told to wait in a room with a bed on the floor and a chair in the corner.

Soon a tall, mid 20s woman came in. She was fairly pretty and thin, (not the promised "busty blonde"! but I didnt care) and she was wearing strap on shoes - I could see she had long fairly narrow feet.

I told her that I wanted her to step on my face and she told me to wait.

After quite some time she came back in, and in a stern voice ordered me to lie down on the bed. I did, and she softly asked me whether shoes on or off - I said no shoes. Then (I could scarcely believe it) she came over towards me, lifted her foot and pushed right down.

Her foot was easily longer than my face, and she kept lifting and pressing down, forcing my head to the side, sometimes rubbing her foot slightly or gripping it around my face. She was saying "you've been a bad boy" and whenever she lifted her foot, I did my best to look up to see her panties (so far up!) then a flash of pink in my eyes as her foot crushed me again!

This went on for only 4-5 mins, and she told me to get my "knickers" out and play with myself. Although I didnt want to, you cant really say no to a woman standing on your head!!

At this point, I asked her to stand on my face with both feet. She forced my head down with one foot as before, and then stepped up fully. Sadly, due to my excitement, it all ended at this point (!!!)

I really enjoyed it, and in the following week, while abroad, I had 2 more encounters (of a similar nature) with 2 women I can best desribe as BBWs(!)

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