The Floor Man

Last month, i moved into an old house near my college campus. i ordered carpet because the floors looked pretty shabby. Three weeks ago, the installer came to my rescue ,and boy did he...Anyway , the installer did a great job and i finally have carpet! While the installation took a couple of hours, i took a bubble bath ,painted my toes and took a few boxes out to the trash. when i returned, there to my astonishment was the installer laying right in the middle of the floor. He had finished,and was taking a breather, or so i thought. I shut the door, he then raised his head and said 'Oh, i'm all finished,wanna walk on it to see how it feels?' i took off my shoes and walked across the plush carpet. It felt great....The installer was still laying on the floor, was staring at my feet, he then said 'You have gorgeous feet', i could tell he was being flirty. i said 'Thanks, do you like feet?' He laughed and said 'Yes -pretty ones like yours'. I was standing beside him, he reached out and wrapped his hand around my ankle, and pulled my foot onto his chest ,'stand on me!' he said in a sexy,low voice. I don't know what came over me but i did it. barefoot and all, i climbed aboard and stood on this stranger. He was moaning,like he really enjoyed it so i looked back, and sure enough ,he had a rise in those levis'..well ,that is a sin .. can't let that big buldge go to i turned all the way around ,still standing on him,bent over,unbuttoned his fly, and sucked his huge,swollen cock. just when it was about to shoot, i grabbed it and shot it all over my feet, it felt so good,warm and creamy.
He must have been really excited, cause the next day, i found cum squirts all down wall where i had just painted. I liked experience so much, i see the floor man everyday after class, he's teaching me alot about balancing, trampling and jumping off the couch. He's furthering my education -ya know! ha's only been a few weeks and i think i've walked on him with every pair of shoes i have. might need to go shopping,huh?...wonder if it's carpet installer thing ...floors, carpet, you know you walk on them too.........???????? i don't know,but i love it. walking on a hairy, manly chest feels like the softest mink coat...ummm ,and i'm always so wet while i'm standing there, with him under foot.
Ladies you've got to try it. it's so cool, maybe i had a secret fetish, and did'nt know it...?

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