My Teacher

I was kind of a goof off in my younger years of school. Always making a scene and everything. But about halfway into highschool, I was disciplined in a peculiar way that i would have never expected.
My new English teacher that I had my sophomore year, was about 30. She was pretty, but really mean. I had heard about her in the past, when upper classmen said what a bombshell "Mrs. Porter" was. I had never seen her before, but when I did, I didn't take her seriously. In fact, I joked around and made a bunch of noise in the middle area, commenting on almost everything she said. It didn't take long before she was doing minor things, like sending me out of the room. But one day, she said "thats it, I have had enough of you. Today, come here after school, or I will fail you." Detention, I laughed it off, but only at first. When I first came in, she had me clean the desks. And so I started to, and time passed by.  She walked over to the door in her bare feet, and closed it and locked it. I happened to have noticed that she slipped off her shoes, and pulled off her socks at her desk, but I didn't think much of it, except that she had some pretty feet. Her feet, were beautful looking from the top, with with her toenails painted an elegant red.
   "Christina, come here for a second" she said demandingly. I came up to her.
  "Do you want to pass this class?" she asked me in a rather condescending manner.
   "of course" I said back.
  "well I am not going to pass you. It is already too late for you to pass this semester. Unless you would like to accept a new punishment, and then I could still pass you. But I need you to agree to this punishment."
   "what is it?" I asked.
   "Do you agree, yes or no?"
   "yeah, sure, I agree. But what is it?"
   "get down on your knees"
   "I got on my knees"
   "bend down foward, so that your noise touches in between my feet". She told me.
   "what?" I asked.
   "nobody will beleive a clown like you if you report that I made you smell my feet. But if you don't do as I say, I will fail you, and get you expelled for sexual harrasment. Bend over and connect your nose with between my feet. And keep your mouth closed."
   I was shocked, and so I did it, I bent down, and breathed out my noise, since my mouth was short, inhaling the scent of her sweaty feet. "how do they smell?" she asked me.
"pretty go-"she pressed her foot against my lips, interrupting me and said "from now on, for the rest of semester, every day after school you will pamper my sweaty feet while I organize papers. But it won't be like this, for this is not degrading enough. You deserve harsher. Get on your back."
  I got on my back, and she placed her feed over my face, pressing down fairly hard with one foot, and with the big toe of the other, playing with my lip.
   I noticed before hand that the bottoms of her feet were really dirty, and when I could feel that her feet were sweaty and warm. I couldn't help but inhale the odor of her feet which was somewhat strong. She kept taunting me, asking "well are you going to be a little smart ass in my classroom ever again? Of course you aren't, becuse I now have shown my power over you, and you are worthless. "Finally, she told me to get up and clean her feet off with my tongue. I wondered if i would ever get away. And finally, when her feet were completely clean, she let me go, and I came home just in time for dinner.

   When I ate, I could still smell her feet on my face. When I got home, my parents were angry and didn't give me a chance to wash up, so I ate with the taste of her feet on my lips.
   In the classroom she taunted me too, and when I came up to her to ask her about an assignment, she gave me a strange smile.   And that afternoon, she actualy stood on my face, taunting me more, asking if I was going to smart off in her class again. When she sat, she played with her feet on my chest, and on my face. Anyway, somethign I forgot to mention is that I am not a guy, but a girl which made for even less suspicion when I was in the classroom for so long with her.

I found that even the first time that in a strange way I kind of liked the feeling. Pretty soon, though it was still embarassing, I found that I had a fetish for domination, and feet. And if I paint a friend's toenails for her, I get a kind of strange feeling remembering my teacher or something. Same goes for if I get a pedicure. But I don't regret it.

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