Truth or Dare

I started dating a girl of 24 a couple of years ago. she was really pretty,5ft 1,medium length very light brown/blond hair and a size 10 UK. We started off going out as mates although i really fancied her. She always wore white size 4 kappa trainers and no socks and i dreamed of her damp sweaty feet from when we first met. Anyway we went out clubbing one night she wore a sexy little micro skirt a black wet look top and a very sexy pair of black strappy 4 inch heel sandals. When i went to her house to pick her up this is how she answered the door and the first thing i looked at were her feet this is the first time i had seen them and they were as lovely as she was. I went in and said i had to use her toilet. i went upstairs and as i was half way up she shouted "could you bring down the laundry basket with you, oh and my trainers". I went into the bathroom and locked the door, looked around for her trainers and there they were. I took one in my hand and sat on the toilet i blew out all my air placed the trainer over my nose with the back of the trainer at the bridge of my nose and slowly in hailed it was wonderful i spent ten minutes laying on the floor smelling and licking inside.

We got back from the club at about 3am and i was so horny after looking at sandaled feet all night. She went to use the loo and i thought i would have a quick sniff as she had left her trainers in the front room after i brought them down. She was gone for ages, it was about 20 mins when she returned and she came back in with a pack of cards. I was hoping she would say "strip poker?" but instead she said truth or dare. i said explain she said ok if you get a black card truth if you get a red card dare the higher the card the higher the truth or dare. Well it started of with simple ones like eat some salt etc and then i pulled a 10 of diamonds and she said i dare you to smell my trainers while i get some drinks but big sniffs and for as long as it takes for me to get the drinks. I eagerly agreed but without trying to make it look too obvious. It took ages for her to fix the drinks and i was loving it. When she eventually made the drinks i removed the trainer and fell to the floor acting like i had been gassed so she wouldn't guess. she sat in the arm chair right by where i was laying and said sod the cards lets see how many dares you can do,i said ok. with that she said to me smell my feet and it seemed right here was a girl i really fancied who knows nothing of my lifetime fetish and asking me to smell her feet. I knelt in front of her end pushed my nose into her sandal and under her toes. No silly she said take of my shoes and smell my feet. I couldn't believe it i undid the tiny buckle and slipped off her shoe, held her foot gently in both hand and began to smell. It was heaven i went light headed and got the biggest hard on ever they smelt beutiful i in hailed slowly and deep. and then all off a sudden i heard the words that had filled my fantasy for years. Lick my feet clean, i replied excuse me feeling embarrassed, you heard, lick my feet clean she replied. Not wanting to miss out on this i did so licking kissing sucking every part of her foot and toes not knowing which bit to worship next. I then repeated this with the second foot making sure there were no dirty bits anywhere.

She then admitted she had a foot fetish and loved her feet worshipped. So i then admitted that i also had a foot fetish but liked to worship,and feeling brave i said i now dare you. She then told me she did not want to lick feet just have them licked but i told her you misunderstand i dare you to make me lick you shoes which she was really glad to do. We went upstairs and she wore every pair of shoes she had which licked clean and some were really dusty.

It was then she said lets fuck but first have you any other fantasies and i told her i wanted to be trampled. I explained to her that i wanted her to walk all over me in high heels. she was more than happy to walk all over my naked body before we made mad love for hours.

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