The Babysitters Reward

About a year ago my girlfriend sarah went out clubbing for the evening with our next door neighbour alice, she is a single mum with 2 kids o.k sarah knows about my trample fetish but nothing has happened so far, well sarah and alice go out with a couple of alices girlfriends and me, i babysit. well they get back late and drunk and boy are they aggresive, alice and sarah have got on the same knee length lace up boots sarah knows i love them and so she baits me. she tells me to be their footstool, alices friends who are pretty drunk find this funny jenny takes of the doc martins she was wearing and tells me to massage her feet. I know this is is new to her but i can tell she is excited when i touch her feet she almost purs when i rub her sweaty feet, sarah seems to be annoyed at this so her and alice get up and stand over me laying at jennys feet. the other girl marther whos been watching this stands up and says "i think we should take it in turn to stand on him", as you may imagine at this point i was about to explode with excitement, anyway what followed turned out to be pretty scary, marther was wearing spike heeled ankle boots and she happily stood on my chest whilst jenny still sitting down rubbed her feet on my face and sarah and alice took it in turns to step on my stomach and groin. I was pretty bruised the next day but the girls all seemed full of life and that made me happy.

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