Penis Crushed

During my school days I used to go to a mixed school but it seemed to have a lot more girls than boys this was a good thing as I have had a crush/trample thing for a long time.
I was about 12 years old when the 9th grade girls about 16-18 years old decided to give a stage play as a fairwell leaving party. I can't remember what it was called but it only had girls in. I was one of the kids that were always asked to help do scenery and things like that.
My dreams came true on the night of the show as the boy that normally does the lights was off sick and I was asked to take his place. This was at the rear of the stage next to the steps for the girls to go onto the stage. While in rehersals I noticed that a false floor was on top of the normal stage and it was flexing as the girls walked past not taking any notice that I was there. There was a wodden batten of 3x2 with about 3/4 inch gap that closed as the girls walked past. I tried first by putting my finger in the gap to see how much pressure was applied as the girls passed and walked right on top of where my finger was the pressure was not to great but you could feel the diference in the weight of each girl. Every thing was set the show started I stood close to the edge of the stage and noticed that no body was taking any notice of me so long as I turned the said lights on and off when nessasiary.
I unzipped my trousers and placed my penis under the 3x2 as the girls walked on the stage I was getting the crush of my life. I started to get an errection that now had me stuck as I grew bigger and harder I could not just pull out as the wood was rough and I was scared of getting a splinter.
3 girls all came up the stairs and walked slowly together just in front of me and this felt really nice as they were crushing me unknowingly. They had changed some of the show that I didn't know about because 2 lady teachers came up the steps and stood right in front of me. I now must have had at least 300lbs crushing me. 3 more ladies who I had no idea of who they were also got on to the stage and stopped and spoke to the teachers . I felt my penis go pop and all of a sudden went very numb the fright of it's been cut off crossed my mind and I tried to move but couldn't. I was dangerously trapped with no way I could get free there was just to much weight to lift the platform. My heart was racing and the pain was intence and I was in a cold sweat.
Suddenly all of the ladies walked to the centre of the stage and I was able to get free. I was bleeding from the end and a split in the skin along the side. I was able to put my self away and sit down for the rest of the show.
It took several weeks to regain all the feelings and the split to heal but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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