Chance Trample

I could not believe my luck today. A friend of mine popped in to see me at work today and while we were sitting talking and have a drink in the refreshment area she happened to mention that her boyfriend had a bad back and that she walked on his back to help relieve the pain.

I've known her for about 4 years now and often thought about being under her feet, especially in her ankle boots that she was wearing today. They have about a four inch heel and small platform and are well worn. During the conversation I had found out that she now weighed 10 stone (147lbs) following losing some weight and I was filled with thoughts of her doing it there and then.

When she mentioned her walking on her boyfriend's back thoughts just came flooding to me of having her walk on me. Even though she knows nothing of any aspect of my foot and trample fetish I had to ask her so I said, "could you walk on me too?".

She looked puzzled and asked if I had a bad back to which I replied "not really, but I just want you to walk on me as I find it really relaxing". She continued to look puzzled but replied "if you really want me to I will before I have to go".

We continued talking for about another 15 minutes and I thought she had forgotten as she didn't mention anything about the subject, the conversation just moved onto other topics. Suddenly she stood up and said "you really want me to walk on you?". "If you will" I replied so we tried to find somewhere secluded to go so as not to do it in front of everybody.

Once we had found a secluded area of the building she told me to lie down on the floor by the wall as she needed something to lean on, she wasn't confident balancing. I laid down on my front by the wall and she started unzipping her boots but I asked her to keep them on. "You want me to walk on you in my boots? Won't that really hurt?" "Please", I begged, "I'd love you to walk on me in your boots, it might sound funny but it's more relaxing". "Ok, it's you that's under them!".

She took a small step til she was within about an inch of me and lifted her left foot. She placed her left size 5 (UK) boot on my lower back and asked if I was OK. After I reassured her I was OK she climbed fully aboard and began walking around on my back, her feet across my back.

I could not believe that I had a friend who I had wanted to trample me for ages doing this so easily and at work too! She carefully placed her feet with each stride and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was in heaven, having my friend walk up and down on me in the boots I had secretly worshiped at every occasion.

After about five minutes she checked again to see if I was ok. I asked her to step down for a minute and rolled over on to my back. She looked down at me and I told her she could continue now. "You want me to walk over you front too? That will definitely hurt won't it". Again I begged and again she agreed.

She started the same as before, carefully lowering her left foot onto my lower stomach, just above the groin and then placed her right foot on my chest. During the five minutes or so that she walked around on my front there was one moment where she placed her left foot right in my groin area. I nearly came there and then but managed to hold on my enjoyment.

After the five minutes she asked if she could walk on me barefoot as she was sure that would be more relaxing for me. After what she had done for me I could hardly refuse, and had no intention to refuse. She removed her boots and her socks revealed that her feet had been sweating while in her boots. I couldn't wait to have these near me just incase I could inhale the perfume of her feet.

This time you can walk anywhere on me I told her, absolutely anywhere. She climbed back up the way she had before and carefully walked around my chest for about a minute. She then placed her left foot delicately over my penis and rubbed gently. How I managed to not come there and then I really don't know.

She turned and placed her feet facing up on me and shuffled right up my chest. She lifted her right foot and stroked my face with it. I could feel the moisture of her sock and hoped that she'd put some weight on that foot but never did.

"Did that not smell?" she asked. "Just like you, the smell is beautiful" I replied. She climbed down and sat on the floor next to me. "Did that relax you" she asked me. I told her it had made my day and began massaging her feet.

After about five minutes of massaging her feet she told me she had to get moving. I kissed both her still socked feet and picked up her boots to put them on for her. I assumed by now that she had some idea of my liking for her feet so as I picked up her boots I had a sniff of each one before I put them back on her feet.

As she was leaving she told me that she enjoyed our session. She said that her boyfriend complained very quickly about her weight and certainly couldn't take her boots. She asked if we could do it again sometime. "Anytime you want" I said.

Now several hours later I have some bruises and marks but I can't believe that it happened, let alone that easily. I have though of that happening for ages and in the end I hardly had to ask her and she's even wanting to do it again.

If it happens again I might even try and get some pictures next time. She's a good friend and she's probably guessed about my fetish by now anyway, maybe I'll show her this board and some of the pictures I've to downloaded and see what she says.

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