Trample session

Just thought I would share with you a great trample experience I had yesterday. I paid a visit to Kay and Christine up in Scunthorpe who some of you may know. They were joined by Nikki who came along for an hour or so. For those of you who don't know them, Kay and Christine both weigh in at around 12st (168lbs) while Nikki is around 11st (154lbs). I brought my camera and intended to take as many pictures as possible throughout the session.

Kay started proceedings by sitting down on my chest with her legs out in front of her and stayed like that for a few minutes. Christine clicked away with the camera. Kay then turned to sit on me side-on for a while before turning once more to face down my body, still sitting squarely on my chest. It was pure heaven to be sat on by this lovely lady. Kay eventually got off and it was Christine's turn to repeat the process. The camera was kept busy! Then Nikki entered and soon it was her turn to sit on my chest in all manner of positions. While Nikki sat on my chest, Christine decided to take a seat on my face for a bit. After a while she got off and I then asked if Kay could sit on my stomach, behind Nikki who was still on my chest. The two girls then sat there, legs outstretched, for a quarter of an hour simply chatting away, oblivious to me under them. The camera was never far away.

After a break for lunch we then decided to try out some trample. Kay was the first to get on and stood up on my chest while some more pictures were taken. It was lovely to look up and down her legs while she stood there. She turned around to face down my body and I was loving every minute. She dismounted and Christine hopped onto my chest to repeat the scenario. Next came Nikki who was a little aprehensive but soon got into the swing of things. She has gorgeous legs and feet and I laid there under her weight admiring the view and relishing the sensation. The girls then took turns standing on me with one foot on my chest and the other foot on my face. The smell of their feet was fantastic, particularly Nikki's. Next I asked if Kay could stand on my stomach while Nikki stood on my chest. She agreed and carefully stood up behind Nikki. The feeling of being squashed by nearly 24st of female weight was amazing. They swapped places and again I was ecstasy. All this time they had I had been trampled by the girls wearing stockings only. I asked if they could try standing on my chest whilst wearing shoes. Nikki went first and stepped up onto me wearing a pair of black platform heeled type shoe and stood there for a while. She posed for a photo or two and then placed one shoed foot on my face, keeping the other on my chest. Kay came next and stood on me wearing slightly more sharper heels which dug in a bit further. More of the same poses followed. The session was finished off by some poses involving one of them sitting on my face while the other stood on my chest. The final shot was of both girls standing on me while Christine sat behind me with her feet on my face.

All in all a wonderful experience and worth the money. The girls are friendly and make for a very relaxed atmosphere.

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