The gym class squish

It was back when i was in high school, about 10 years ago, the school had a big mat, probably 2 1/2 to 3 feet thick, it must have been a pole vaulting mat, anyway i noticed being in the gym for a couple of weeks pushed up against the bleachers, so i try studying away to get under it because the last period of the day was the girls gym class, we didnt have gym at that time, and every day i would notice that alot of the girls sat on the mat waitng to see what they were going to be doing during gym, there were probably about 30 girls in the class im guessing, and at any given time there were girls sitting or lying on the mat, im thinking it would be awesome to be under the mat, so finally one day i decided i have to be under the mat before they move it, so before the last period of the day i decided im going to leave school early, thats what the school thought anyways. So i went into the gym before the last period started, went behind the bleachers and was able to get under the mat, at this time i was scared to death, what if i got caught or couldnt breath, i figured they couldn`t feel me because the mat was pretty thick and lumpy already, i tried to keep close to the edge at the back to i could at least get some air if i had to. so anyways im under the mat and i could hear the bell ring for last period, now i know its to late i have to stay there until schools out anyways, about 5 minutes later i heard the gym class come into the gym, believe me i was so nervous they could probably see the mat shaking, i lay there as calmly as i could, the mat was kind of heavy and i knew if all 30 or so girls were on it that it could be a real problem, i took the chance, after they started coming in to the gym i felt a couple of them getting on the mat and i`m praying that all 30 of them dont jump on there, i could hear alot of the talking around the mat and i felt it getting a little heavier each minute. my heart was racing and at this time i thought maybe this wasnt such a good idea, the mat kept getting heavier and heavier, until i started having a real hard time breathing, luckly i kept my head to the back so i could get some fresh air, but my feet and back were more towards the middle, and belive me i couldn`t move my feet or legs at all, i realized i was completely helpless down there and started to get worried if any more of them would get on, i dont know how many of them actually sat on the mat, but probably quite a few considering the amount of weight, so anyways i layed there and layed there, i could feel girls getting on and off the mat the whole period, by the end of the period, my back and chest hurt so bad i didnt know if i was going to be even able to get out from under the thing, believe me it was the longest 45 minutes in my life, but probably the best also. finally i heard the bell ring and finally i could feel alot of the weight come off the mat, i could finally take a deep breath, even though it hurt pretty bad, i thanked god i made it through that because it could have turned out really bad, like sufficating or having to yell to get them off so i could breath, how embarresing!!. well anyways that was the best squishing i have ever had, i wouldn`t recomend anyone doing it like that unless your sure you will be ok at the end of it!

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