Human Carpet

I have been a follower of trampling for many years. I got turned on to it upon reading letters in leg magazines, especially those sent in by dominant women who had boy toys and leg slaves. I started answering ads in my local newspaper, especially those ads which advertised dominant women seeking submissive men who would obey their every command, especially when it involved feet and legs wrapped in ultra-sheer stockings and sky-high heels.
A few years ago, I was very fortunate to answer one of these ads, for which I'm eternally grateful. Her name was Mistress Sapphire, and she was the loveliest, sexiest, most sensual and deliciously dominant woman I've ever met. During our first phone conversation, I admitted my desire to be stepped on, walked on, danced on, and generally abused by this lovely woman while she wore her highest, spikiest, stiletto heels. I even admitted that I would love her to crush lit cigarettes on my bare chest with her heels while standing on it, while I would adore and massage her captivating legs and sexy feet. I told her I would dress up in a suit to meet her and her two girlfriends so that all of them could party and dance on their new "carpet."
We first met that Autumn, when the ground outside was wet with a carpet of leaves. Upon entering her house, she commanded me to lie down on my back at the entrance to her lovely living room, whereupon she and her friends took turns going outside with their heels and gringing them into the dirt, mud and leaves. Afterwards, they would each make a grand entrance, gingerly stomping on my suited (and later bare) chest with their dirtied high heels as they did so. They verbally abused me, always calling me "carpet". They said I deserved even worse treatment.
So they proceeded to smoke cigarettes, blowing the smoke into my eyes while standing on my chest with their magnificent heels, flicking the burnt ashes onto my tongue and chest while standing on me. One of the lovely ladies did not hesitate to crush and grind her lovely heels, all loaded with dirt and leaves, into my chest, abdomen and cock. As she and the others finished each cigarette, they crushed it out on my chest, which was sometimes clothed in my dressiest white shirt, tie and suit. They felt great about dirtying my clean white suit.
Music was played, and these gorgeous women loved dancing to the rock beat on my chest, sometimes all together and sometimes one at a time. I had brought them a bottle of red wine as a tribute, which they eagerly "spilled" on their "carpet". One woman even volunteered to "spill" a golden shower on my chest and into my mouth while standing on me. I eagerly lapped it all up like a love-sick puppy.
Since then, the group has gotten still more creative. They have spilled baked beans and other goodies such as acorns on my chest, proceeding to crush and grind them in gleefully. Even hot candle wax!
I have never had such intensely stimulating experiences as these. I highly recommend these beautiful women to any foot and leg slave. At each session I can hardly wait to see (and feel) what they do next.

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