Steven`s experience

This is Steven Hendry`s experience with Brooke Satchwell (famous actress from australian TV show neighbours, there are 2 pictures at the bottom of the page to look at)

I went to see an outdoor play she was appearing in at the city gardens. I saw some pictures of her practising for the play barefoot and I thought if I took my camera along to the show I might have a slim chance of meeting her for a aftershow picture. Anyway I went with Andrew, Sarah and Martina. The two girls trample and stand on me all the time so they knew what I was up too. Half an hour after the show had finished I spoke to a guy who was a stilt walker who preformed in the show. He got on really well with Sarah who is also a stilt walker. I asked him about meeting Brooke but he said not likely because she normally goes early. I had just given up on the idea when she suddenly appeared out off the darkness (the play was in the evening). She had to walk past our group so the stilt walker grabbed her attention. A woman then ran over to get her autograph and I then asked her for a picture. She was very nice and said okay. Everything was happening very quickly and she posed with our group with myself in the upright position!!! (the stilt walker took the picture). Then I thought how can I explain this type of pose to her (her standing on me for a picture). I stood there for a few seconds after asking Brooke if I could get another photo wondering how I was going to do it when the girls told me to just lie down on the ground in front of Brooke and them selves. I did straight away, Sarah and martina slipped their shoes off and jumped on, Brooke followed suit wearing her sandals. I was in Heaven!!!! I then asked Brooke who thought the whole thing was quite funny if she could stand on me barefoot. Sure she said and admitted she liked going barefoot anyway and then stepped onto my back with her bare feet. After that she introduced her self as Brooke and I said I must start watching Neighbours more although she is now no longer in the show. She moved on barefoot carrying her shoes.

That is the whole story, but her dress was so long its hard to see her feet. The first picture she is barefoot and in the second picture she had sandals on.

brooke_satchwell1.jpg - brooke_satchwell2.jpg

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