Welcome to the #Trample IRC chat page

Come and join #trample on DALnet now and start chatting using the java chat applet or download an IRC client.

java applet doesn't work on new browsers

Chat from the web page

You can chat using your web browser by entering your name below and clicking "Enter Chat"

Enter Your nick name:

(you must grant the permission when the pop up window appears, "CLICK YES")

IRC Clients

I recommend that you download one of the dedicated IRC chat clients below for your operating system instead of using the java chat above as they have alot more features like being able to send and receive pictures, video clips etc.
Download mIRC Download KVIrc Download Ircle Download XChat
[Windows] [Windows/Mac/Unix] [Macintosh] [Unix/Windows/Mac]

Once you have downloaded and installed one of the above IRC clients then you have to select a dalnet servers from the server list (all DalNet server end in and then once connected to the server just type /join #trample to enter the channel.

Server Name:
Port : 6667
Password : Leave Blank
Auto Join : #trample

Basic IRC commands

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