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20 » Adam

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 20.06.2000
Time: 07:37:13

Loves your site.
Checks everyday for updates.
Please lets have some more boot trample mpegs, cos i love em. And god, would i like my naked body to be trampled under that womans boots!!!!!

19 » darkman666

Location: Germany
Date: 17.06.2000
Time: 10:23:11

Absolutely cool site. I`m longing for more. And don`t anybody know more good sites with vids??

18 » Floorman

Location: USA
Date: 16.06.2000
Time: 21:06:03

Excellent site! I've been a trample and foot fetish fan all my life and I'm glad to have found this site. I've returned here several times, however this is the first time I've signed the guestbook.

17 » Luke

Location: Australia
Date: 29.05.2000
Time: 20:42:50

What a great site, excellent free clips and plenty of them!
to the couple i see complaining about the quality, hey its free so stop ya bitchin!
excellent work, keep it up!!

16 » SandMan-

Location: Lebanon
Date: 28.05.2000
Time: 11:05:39

Hey Hey Hey..
what i wonderfull site..i really really Like it Dude:))
Keep da hard work up
wish ya Luck:)

15 » Ike

Location: USA
Date: 23.05.2000
Time: 12:39:45

Getting better all the time thanks for the new clips GREAT!!!!!!!!!

14 » mr. carpet

Location: USA
Date: 20.05.2000
Time: 13:16:11

There is a layer of primitive savagery in all of us....
If i lie down and invite you to trample upon me, whether in
heels or bare feet, it is highly unlikely you will decline
the invitation !! You have been invited !
Your Thoughts ?? jimmy ... E-Mail --

13 » bigsitefan

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 20.05.2000
Time: 04:34:02

Just visited the site for the first time. It definately wont be the last!!!!
At last there is a decent site dedicated to trampling.
Especially like the boot trample vid clips, however they could be a bit better quality wise.
Keep Up the excellent work......... love it!!!!!

12 » Croakster (Jason)

Location: Australia
Date: 13.05.2000
Time: 19:49:50

What a great site! You have certainly put a lot of time into making the site. Really well put together with all the right stuff on it.
Keep up the great job! I have some stuff to send to you soon.


11 » Andy James

Location: USA
Date: 13.05.2000
Time: 11:13:57

GREEEAT SITE! Could you please add a clip from "The Piggy Plumber"?

10 » benjamin

Location: USA
Date: 11.05.2000
Time: 01:31:52

thank you

9 » Yeti

Location: Canada
Date: 04.05.2000
Time: 19:51:12

Great site! I just love the avi's and stories. *Thumbs up*

Keep up the good work!!

8 » Tina

Location: Germany
Date: 04.05.2000
Time: 17:47:47

This Page is very beautifull and I love it so much.

7 » Ike

Location: USA
Date: 29.04.2000
Time: 04:04:28

Great Site!!!!!! Thanks:) :) any ladies interested would love to be trampled mail me at irw321@aol

6 » the king

Location: Italy
Date: 19.04.2000
Time: 22:24:51

message for Lorena (germany):
do you like trample man?
please reply me if you want!!!
a big kiss from Roma.

5 » shoe lover

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 19.04.2000
Time: 07:45:33

Hey i logged on tonight to download the heel trample avi clips where they gone to ?

4 » Lorena

Location: Germany
Date: 17.04.2000
Time: 22:13:52

Great Page, you´re on the right way!!

3 » Humfur

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 14.04.2000
Time: 07:19:17

Hey Trampled!

This looks like it's going to be a GREAT site -
congratulations! It's obvious you've put a lot of
time and thought into the design because it looks
fabulous. I hope to be able to contribute something
in the future. By the way, can you explain what the
advantages are to registering?

Good luck, and thanks!


2 » Martyn 37

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 08.04.2000
Time: 11:18:11

Great Site Trampled! Thanks very much. Loooking forward to comming back many times to downlaod AVIs. Why dont I ever meet girls like that?!! Thanks again.

1 » Sarah G

Location: USA
Date: 01.04.2000
Time: 16:47:48

HEY~ This site its rockin...the pics are top notch and its freeness is sweet!! Overall the site oper rawks cuz he/she knows what turns me on!..Definately some high quality footage to be found here OUT~

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