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70 » Ashley

Location: USA
Date: 01.03.2001
Time: 06:15:09

I love your site. I would like to see more
avi's and mpeg's, but who wouldnt.
Keep up the great work.

69 » john

Location: USA
Date: 27.02.2001
Time: 15:45:27

I love watching beautiful high heeled women trample and crush men without mercy.

68 » Graham Alexander

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 27.02.2001
Time: 08:13:26

Great web site keep up the good work it's nice to see a trample web site without pornography popping up all the time

67 » Gabrielle

Location: USA
Date: 27.02.2001
Time: 00:51:55

My husband and I both enjoy your site. We have a wonderful marriage that includes a D/s relationship. My husband is submissive to me in the privacy of our home. He loves when I trample him, especially in heels. He also loves for me to crush his food on the tile floor in our kitchen for him to lick. Your site contains pictures of many of our activities. Keep up the good work

66 » Steven L. Castleberry

Location: USA
Date: 12.02.2001
Time: 19:18:18

I really like this site.

65 » Giovanni Ceglia

Location: Italy
Date: 07.02.2001
Time: 22:37:40

It is a cool Site!

64 » Ondrej

Location: Czech Republic
Date: 07.02.2001
Time: 06:19:31

I am lucky I have found this site. PERFECT !!! Thanx fo good job

63 » Mick

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 06.02.2001
Time: 01:50:09

love ur site its one of the best iv found

62 » Alvin Schweidt

Location: USA
Date: 03.02.2001
Time: 03:14:26

Hi, I'm into harsh trampling that included face standing,smothering and jumping on me from high places 5-6 feet. I also like being jumped up and down on my stomach over 300 times nonstop. I reside in Ohio.. any lady out there interested in trampling me...your all invited...please reply!!!! Anyway I love this site..... I'm into high heels trampling followed by barefoots.. Anyway, I LOVE this site... johnnyo49

61 » Spider

Location: France
Date: 15.01.2001
Time: 04:40:32

Your site is really good !!
Thank U for all this photos and videos...

Keep on !!!!!

SPIDER ( from the site fan of foot )

60 » John

Location: USA
Date: 12.01.2001
Time: 00:33:35

I love watching your trample clips especially the ones of all the beautiful women trampling a mans face and throat! Keep up the good work.

59 » Floorman

Location: USA
Date: 04.01.2001
Time: 20:36:50

This is an excellent site and I come here often. It seems like there is more trampling activity in countries other than the US. It makes me envious, but I'm glad for all those that share.

58 » Andy

Location: Australia
Date: 27.12.2000
Time: 11:46:43

Great site. Lots of good work.
I would like to meet anyone from Sydney with the same trample interests,
especially sporting women.

57 » deivi m

Location: Israel
Date: 26.12.2000
Time: 23:10:42

i love so much trampling my girlfrind trampling me all the
day and it's a very good place !!!!

56 » mothafucka

Location: Netherlands
Date: 20.12.2000
Time: 21:49:38

Hi man,Your site is simply the best and I just would like to say thank you from the deep of my ultra trampled heart

55 » Sven (fussel21)

Location: Germany
Date: 18.12.2000
Time: 12:14:01

Great Site.

54 » John Paul

Location: USA
Date: 13.12.2000
Time: 22:51:10

Love this site ! Good luck and happy Holidays to all the trample and facesitting fans out there, John Paul, USA

53 » Mark Zitzler

Location: USA
Date: 10.12.2000
Time: 15:56:35

This is the best Trample web site on the planet.

52 » Mr.Rug

Location: USA
Date: 08.12.2000
Time: 11:34:51

Wow what a great site.
I only wish I could be in Half of the
Any Ladies interested in NY Give me an E
Thanks for the great site

51 » llupupa

Location: Spain
Date: 07.12.2000
Time: 00:08:06

thank you

50 » Mike

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 07.11.2000
Time: 11:48:16

anyone in the uk want to try trampling someone ? drop me a line - great site by the way...

49 » Danilo

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 04.11.2000
Time: 01:27:20

Wonderful website. Envy the slave guys of female feet.

48 » Juan

Location: Korea
Date: 03.11.2000
Time: 07:18:38

I am from Korea and this is really a great site.
I want to be a good slave to women's feet.

47 » legfan

Location: Switzerland
Date: 25.10.2000
Time: 07:26:23

Nice page ,keep up your good work...greetings from legfan (the most walked on man in switzerland)

46 » petrus

Location: Poland
Date: 23.10.2000
Time: 00:08:42

Hello trampling lovers! I adore sites like that , i would like to know web side with best
trampling clips . Does enyone could mail me? Thank You

45 » Sathish

Location: India
Date: 15.10.2000
Time: 09:40:19

hi all,

I am from india and i came across these site
accidentally.It is really a great site.
I thank the owner for maintaining such
a good free site.I am interested in getting
info about more such sites.If anybody could
help me..please do so...
'I want to die under a girls heels'

thanx again,


44 » coto1

Location: Italy
Date: 14.10.2000
Time: 09:08:37

thank you for the marwellous moment

43 » Jouls

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 11.10.2000
Time: 09:32:38

I must say u have done well, alot of hard work but it has paid off. Maybe i will fulfil my fanstasy and get trampled 2.

42 » Steve Smith

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 28.09.2000
Time: 06:04:38

Great site. I'm interested in any femalecontacts in UK into
trampling, with/without heels or men who want to share
stories or ideas etc.

41 » Garry

Location: Germany
Date: 16.09.2000
Time: 10:33:24

Fantastic Page

40 » ben

Location: USA
Date: 11.09.2000
Time: 16:00:19

thank you very much

39 » brent

Location: Canada
Date: 01.09.2000
Time: 10:25:44

you guys rock

38 » Faisal Haji

Location: Asia
Date: 28.08.2000
Time: 19:00:04

I love your great site

37 » Tyler Di Cicco

Location: USA
Date: 14.08.2000
Time: 05:41:05

This is the greatest barefoot trampling site i have seen.
Mpeg's and avi's are great. Barefoot is the best. Let
me know if anyone needs a victum in the south florida area.
thanks, tyler.

36 » Volkan KOSAN

Location: Turkey
Date: 10.08.2000
Time: 22:40:37

Thnx for everything. Your web page is very good and i enjoy it.
(and of course i got alll pictures and mpeg's movies)


35 » sammy35

Location: USA
Date: 04.08.2000
Time: 06:07:46

Hey great web site, I love it. One of the best i seen and best of all it's free.

34 » Brooke Fan

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 03.08.2000
Time: 10:20:22

I could hardly believe it when I saw the story about Brooke Satchwell. I would give almost anything to be stood on by her! Steve is one of the luckiest men on the planet!

33 » Floorman

Location: USA
Date: 30.07.2000
Time: 19:53:48

This is an excellent site. I visit here often.

32 » Lucky

Location: Belgium
Date: 29.07.2000
Time: 23:19:35

I am from Bulgaria .
This is the best free site !

31 » Luke Earl

Location: Australia
Date: 27.07.2000
Time: 03:51:24

Once again, excellent site man, and i like the way you are committed to it.
I also liked the poll that you conducted on what way you prefer to be trampled, heels, platforms etc.
I personally chose barefoot [though high heels are a close second]
anyways, keep up the good work

30 » peterson

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 25.07.2000
Time: 04:00:29

really love this site and i`m looking forward to the next update :) thanks man

29 » James

Location: Australia
Date: 24.07.2000
Time: 20:01:09

Dear Miss,

Firstly I wanted to tell you that you have a great site,
second I was wondering could you advise me possibly on how I could
experioence some fantasys that I have.. only problem is it would have
to hush hush.. not for because I'm married, but because of my

love feet and butt's ( I used to think that I was a weird'o but
now I know there are so many like me..


28 » Matt

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 21.07.2000
Time: 11:17:45

Hi there...

Only when i saw bits of it on TV did I realise that I loved trampling..
When I looked on the net all i found were a few free pics and all pay sites, which i couldnt nver join cos of my age
so finding this site was a dream come true. The free videos are great (espec the face standing one), not to mention the pics of the girl from neighbours!!
I've never been trampled (properly) but I have a really good idea of what I'd like it to be like (ie, waht happens, shoes worn, etc)
Now i've read the message board I now know it's a widespread thing and I'm not a freak! (i was getting worried...)
Thanks for giving me hope, guys!


27 » heeled

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 20.07.2000
Time: 11:28:00

Thank you for making the material available for download freely.

I have some other pics, if you would like, I could make them available via FTP if you wished to use them here.

26 » fan

Location: USA
Date: 17.07.2000
Time: 06:51:58

best trample site on the net, great job, i would like to see more sitting videos, keep up the good work.

25 » gary

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 02.07.2000
Time: 02:00:16

Just like to say a great big thank you for a top notch site.
Also thanks for telling us trample fans in the NW about
your encounter with shelly,

24 » Polarbearskin on da' floor

Location: Denmark
Date: 01.07.2000
Time: 11:51:25

Here's a hello from Greenland.
Just wanted to complement on a great site here, and mention that there are quite some people in Greenland - who share this interest.
I moved from Denmark to Greenland a while ago, and found that there's a lot of girls here who loves to trample/get even with guys.
and yes, i'm one of them =o) so if you're ever thinking of going to this beautiful country, just email me.
**Gives all the women a gentle bear hug, and says hello's to all the guys.**
take care you all, and have a great time

23 » LoveBite

Location: Switzerland
Date: 27.06.2000
Time: 00:02:20

hi folks!

This is far the best site I've found until now, outstanding among hundreds of these annoying pay-join-coms!
Keep up great work! ...and collecting videos ;-)

Thanks, LoveBite

22 » Robert

Location: Netherlands
Date: 26.06.2000
Time: 14:36:07

Exelent your site. Thank you for this.


21 » Spider

Location: France
Date: 26.06.2000
Time: 09:19:28

Your site is really good.
It's nice to find so many videos.

Keep on

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