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120 » crush tony

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 25.08.2002
Time: 20:10:24

just a short note, this site is great! i have alway's wanted to be trodden on and see thing's crushed by girl's feet, any girl's in the u.k want to do this to me? please let me know, thank's for the great site crush tony.


Location: Togo
Date: 18.08.2002
Time: 07:42:14



118 » arif

Location: Malaysia
Date: 04.08.2002
Time: 08:00:04

The great site for footslave I've seen.....
Keep in going.

117 » john

Location: USA
Date: 30.07.2002
Time: 06:37:40

Great site, keep up the good work.Thanks, John

116 » Henry Brine

Location: Brazil
Date: 27.07.2002
Time: 13:24:33

Lindo site ! Parabéns !
Amo os pés de vocês .
Sugiro colocar Riding Barefoot on men, shoulder and animais.



Beautiful site! Congratulations!
I love your feet.
I suggest to place Riding Barefoot on men shoulder and animals



115 » MistressArt

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 05.06.2002
Time: 17:55:56

Good Femdom site.
It is necessary more photos.

114 » HOOVER

Location: USA
Date: 17.05.2002
Time: 20:32:11


113 » DAVE

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 24.04.2002
Time: 10:50:38

I would like to say, you have a very good, well organised site here
I enjoyed it tremendously. I have sent off a short story for possible inclusion on your STORY page.
If anyone wants to swap experiences, pics etc. please contact me. I have been collecting them for years, and have many albums.
Best regards,

112 » feetsucker

Location: Asia
Date: 12.04.2002
Time: 19:51:05

This site fullfiling the thiristy requirements of Asian foot fans where there no concept of trampling sex.
I pray for the site producer...... (Karachi...Pakistan)

111 » simon

Location: Brazil
Date: 21.03.2002
Time: 07:19:01

really good site thanks

110 » Hussain

Location: Asia
Date: 10.03.2002
Time: 05:15:44

I love this site but u should change the front picture.

109 » Heel in rug

Location: USA
Date: 03.02.2002
Time: 10:51:23

Hello, I sent you a story called "Trampled By Mom Part 1" last week.
I hope you enjoy the story. Would love to share it with others.
Take Care
Heel In Rug

108 » Raymond Doynics

Location: Africa
Date: 25.01.2002
Time: 12:50:00

I think the law sucks! we all should be allowed to crush and be crushed to get our rocks off!
The bigger and longer the crush, the better! I love to crush and am a miserable worm who needs to be crushed by a goddess over 400lbs!

107 » Simmoe

Location: Australia
Date: 22.01.2002
Time: 17:35:07

This is a great trampling site!

Not too much trampling going on over here in Western Australia though.

P.S When are you putting on more updates?

106 » backwalk42

Location: Germany
Date: 16.01.2002
Time: 13:45:46

What's with the lack of updates?
I posted three Video Reviews already, and I'd like to see them up sometime.
Come on, this is normally an excellent site, but three months is rifdiculous!

105 » Slavetol

Location: Europe
Date: 14.01.2002
Time: 23:50:08

Great site! Good Trampling and Smother.

104 » FaceCH1

Location: USA
Date: 13.01.2002
Time: 19:58:20

Great site! Trampling and Facesitting are two of my
favorite pasttimes!

If Vince Cross of the Seattle area is interested in
having a male be in the fetish videos he's producing
please contact me at I'd like to
speak with him about an opportunities he may have.

If anyone knows his current email address, he's no longer
at, I'd appreciate it if someone could email me
his new email addresss to ''.

Thanks and keep up the great work with this site!

103 » Debbie

Location: USA
Date: 28.12.2001
Time: 08:19:04

This is a great site! I am so happy I found it! I would love to see more girl/girl trample and foot worship.

102 » mike

Location: USA
Date: 14.12.2001
Time: 05:04:01

best site yet thanks

101 » bowie(nickname)

Location: USA
Date: 10.12.2001
Time: 17:23:07

This is the best trample site i have ever been too, its also the best foot site i have ever been too. I love it keep up the good work!!!

100 » MoscowMan from Russia

Location: Russia
Date: 12.11.2001
Time: 08:19:32

Hi !
Wery good site !
I am are a second russian people at this guestbok !
Cool !
Greeting's & best wishes to webmaster !

99 » esmat

Location: Africa
Date: 29.10.2001
Time: 06:54:07

with my respects to you & your site

98 » robin aftab

Location: Colombia
Date: 28.10.2001
Time: 11:38:17

hi i like ur site specialy pictures and movie clips.

97 » Hussain

Location: USA
Date: 20.10.2001
Time: 00:14:17

HI,i love this site because i love to be a Slave and Worship ladis older than me.

96 » Ridingboots

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 14.10.2001
Time: 00:10:22

Love the site.

95 » under2many

Location: USA
Date: 05.10.2001
Time: 23:28:38

Hi, like your site, will check out some videos when i have time to d/l them, still have a slow conection. I will contribute some pic's and videos asap when i get dsl.

94 » Robert S

Location: USA
Date: 27.08.2001
Time: 16:12:00

Holly shit.I cant get over this site its awsome.

93 » Kevin Summersby

Location: New Zealand
Date: 27.08.2001
Time: 13:21:43

Hi from New Zealand

92 » DeVin Marden

Location: USA
Date: 01.08.2001
Time: 04:21:49

I dedicate every sunday night to Trample Porn night. I really look forward to every Sunday night and I really love this web site. Thanks.....

91 » Mark Zitzler

Location: USA
Date: 01.08.2001
Time: 04:20:21

I have been getting trampled by some of my female friends and they use their high heel pumps to destroy me. It is the best feeling in the world and I owe it all to this web site......

90 » Wol-48

Location: USA
Date: 23.07.2001
Time: 22:48:04

I found your site very interesting and erotic. I would love to see some pictures of some extremely large women standing and sitting on guys.
Keep up the good work.

89 » laffin boy

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 21.07.2001
Time: 21:03:00

Good effort

88 » Eugene

Location: Russia
Date: 19.07.2001
Time: 03:52:18

Hi !
You're doin' a greate work !
The site's content is greate ! It differs your from the other
ones. It's of greate quality in the sense of the
materials' content and magnetism :-). Please add new
material as quickly as possible :-).

Keep doing !

P.S. I seem to be the first guest from Russia :-). I wonder
how many people are interested in it ! Is there
someone in Russia ? May be...

87 » Vincent M. Cross

Location: USA
Date: 10.07.2001
Time: 09:23:24

We have a video prodution co in Seattle Wa.which is
mostly wrestling. Some of the girls want to make more of
the trample,facesitting fetish videos. That is why your
site is so great.We can see a little of everything and
try to make videos that everyone will enjoy. If there are
any girls in the Seattle Wa. area interested in being in
one of our videos please reply.We have been making videos
for elleven years.
Thanks again

86 » trample_girl

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 06.07.2001
Time: 10:16:47

hi people,
just alittle note to say thanks for the great site,keep up the good work.
ps;are there any FEMALE trample out there,i cant be the only one?????

85 » david

Location: USA
Date: 03.07.2001
Time: 23:48:27

Hi! Love your site! I'm 42 and look young, and have always
had a fantasy of being trampled ans smothered by young girls
(preferably girls 11-13yr old) while their wearing pantyhose
short school skirts/slips/heels/pigtails & red lipstick...
any dads/step-dads out there that have daughters who would
let them verbally abuse/faceslap/trample & smother me?????
I would love to worship their heels / pantyhose legs and
more...please let me be a "toy" for your little girls.

84 » Tony

Location: USA
Date: 13.06.2001
Time: 16:51:18

I love this site, keep up the great work.

83 » legfan By Hotleg

Location: Switzerland
Date: 11.06.2001
Time: 04:29:53

A good trampling site you have keep it up your good work...greetings from legfan the most walked on man in switzerland

82 » Steve

Location: USA
Date: 10.06.2001
Time: 05:10:46

This is certainly the most comprehensive and exhaustingly
thought out site I've seen dedicated to the art of trampling.
I usually check in for updates two or three times a week.
I love the fact that the downloadable clips are free!
Great site, keep up the good work! If any lady in NY/PA is
in need of a fuzzy human carpet, please feel free to email me!

81 » Keith

Location: USA
Date: 03.06.2001
Time: 19:15:32

This is by far one of the best site's on the net,
Real quality,Thank's again for the hard work,


Location: Poland
Date: 22.05.2001
Time: 06:26:10

Hallo to all trample maniacs all over the world!
Ya that site is well but take a look there are only old pictures.
Register in yahoo clubs and try find the best.
Best regards Petruss.

79 » X3Free Webmaster

Location: USA
Date: 24.04.2001
Time: 12:03:13

Hey, I just viewed your site, Nice collection of Videos ;)

You have been added to the X3Free Fetish Index.

Very nice site may I add.

78 » Terry

Location: USA
Date: 11.04.2001
Time: 10:13:35

Love the free video clips dude. Can't wait for more. Especially love the high heel trampling!!!!!!

77 » bigdog

Location: USA
Date: 24.03.2001
Time: 17:22:58

I love this site. Please visit my site, it is asian femdom site

76 » WillB

Location: USA
Date: 21.03.2001
Time: 10:59:11

I enjoy your site very much. My wife is still "in training."
We have a wonderful marriage that sometimes include D/S
sessions in our private relationship. My wife plays the
dominant role while I'm the submissive. I love it when I'm
trampled, especially in heels. She's stepped on my hands,
arms, stomach, chest, privates, head and face.
She also loves to sit on me and crush my food on a sheet of
paper on the kitchen floor for me to eat.
Your site contains many pictures similar to many of our
erotic activities.
Keep up the good it!

75 » ABC

Location: Denmark
Date: 11.03.2001
Time: 06:47:37

I love ur site. I love to be trampled be girls in socks,
so if there's any girls in Denmark who wants to trample boys/guys
then please e-mail me!

74 » Rick Feranchek

Location: USA
Date: 08.03.2001
Time: 16:55:02

Beautiful ladies and heels . Super cite, stay cool and Thank you!!

73 » Andres

Location: Brazil
Date: 06.03.2001
Time: 13:18:07

Man!! I'm really surprised with this home page..I have no
doubt this is the better i've seen..Everyone can take mpegs
and and talk about trampling at the forum....

congratulations for the webmaster !!

72 » Mickey

Location: USA
Date: 05.03.2001
Time: 05:13:29

awsome site, cool clips. keep it up!

71 » Will

Location: USA
Date: 04.03.2001
Time: 12:23:45

Terrific site! First time, sure won't be my last. Keep it up and thanks much.

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