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220 » Vickie

Location: Penmynydd
Date: 18.04.2021
Time: 00:00:50

I adore this website - its so usefull and helpfull.

219 » Dean Edward Brown

Location: SLough UK
Date: 12.01.2021
Time: 18:20:11

I adore Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
Belly Trampling Ball busting and smelly FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

218 » Jack

Date: 25.03.2019
Time: 22:15:18

Great Site all through the years! - thumbup

217 » Roosevelt

Location: Santa Rosa
Date: 27.12.2018
Time: 08:35:20

Great Website, Thank You! Keep up the good work.


Location: beneath your luscious feet
Date: 13.03.2012
Time: 20:36:28

oraise worship respect and adoration for the dirt on the bottoms of your glorious gorgeous beautiful feet toes and footwear.,.,

adoringly at your feet jeffrey

215 » playboy

Location: india
Date: 23.08.2011
Time: 16:30:10

ready to be trampled by ladies.

214 » Andrew

Location: other similar sites
Date: 24.11.2010
Time: 07:57:39

i want to smell a ladys soles all day

213 » David Phinisee

Location: Greenville Mississippi
Date: 05.11.2010
Time: 06:01:34

I want to be trampled and everything dealing with beautiful womens feet. Pretty feet on a woman just turns me on all the way. I can be stepped on kicked on. Forced footworship. Anything as long as that lady has a pretty face and the feet to match i am all 4 it. Call me at 6626166098.

212 » Adam

Location: Slovakia
Date: 11.10.2010
Time: 11:48:29

Witam. Good site, greetings from Slovakia.

211 » Old fan

Location: England
Date: 25.09.2010
Time: 09:24:34

In the photo albums there used to be a picture of a sexy woman smoking in an office sitting on a mans chest smoking and with her heels in his face, does anyone know where I can find it?

210 » brian

Location: england
Date: 14.08.2010
Time: 11:24:59

good idea this site is there anyone who wants to chat about trampling

209 » Italiano

Location: USA
Date: 08.04.2010
Time: 17:33:19

Hello! Really nice idea and site!

208 » Bogdano

Location: USA
Date: 08.04.2010
Time: 13:35:57

Hi! Nice idea and site!

207 » emeric

Location: Romania
Date: 05.04.2010
Time: 15:02:11

I want to trample my cock amd my body with high shoes more gilsa,i hope theuy will like it

206 » TAZ

Location: ESSEX
Date: 28.10.2009
Time: 12:30:21


205 » Footpath

Location: Williamsburg, VA, USA
Date: 22.10.2009
Time: 12:58:31

To All Beautiful Women with Beautiful Feet and Beautiful Butts;
It is my sincerest wish and dream to be under the feet and asses of as many beautiful women as possible before I move on to 'The Other Life.' Until then, I look forward to my face being casually being used as a pedistal for proud females.


204 » александр

Location: сочи
Date: 06.06.2009
Time: 23:12:44

видио супер скинь

203 » Robert

Location: California
Date: 27.11.2008
Time: 05:47:33

Just wanted to thank you.

Sites like yours help me feel Not so strange or weird.

Like an intense massage when I'm trampled in heels.


202 » slave

Location: india
Date: 24.09.2008
Time: 07:33:37

ready to be sex slave of gals and women

201 » sanjay

Location: india
Date: 24.09.2008
Time: 07:08:23

ready to be a slave of blonde gals & women,right under thier hi heels and feet.obey their sexual orders

200 » jim

Location: greece
Date: 12.09.2008
Time: 14:24:14

i want to be trampled in greece.where can i?pleaseeeeeeee!my number is +306946458851

199 » jumbo

Location: were ever
Date: 25.05.2008
Time: 01:04:28

smile i got trampled by five hot gals an it felt the best and if anyone need a slave im yo man add me on msn on

198 » philip

Location: india
Date: 18.02.2008
Time: 03:21:10


197 » sissy girl brucie burke

Location: beverly ma
Date: 09.02.2008
Time: 13:00:22

I was beaten up and trambled by my wife for trying to bully her , now I am an ex bully panty wearing sissy

196 » Rick

Location: nc
Date: 04.02.2008
Time: 20:22:14

I just love to be trampled by fat women

195 » footslave

Location: spokane
Date: 18.12.2007
Time: 22:04:53

just want to remind ladies that there is a well educated man that loves a womans's dominance. there is a man that will help you and take care of your needs. there is a man who does not make demands but shows love. he can also adore you. john 5095915772

194 » Matt

Location: Spokane
Date: 24.11.2007
Time: 04:31:08

I make a excellent doormat and slave for any attractive woman, even if she wants to say hello or needs a place to stay. No demands and no pressure. Very much consideration for her and bounderies.

193 » allan

Location: canada
Date: 15.11.2007
Time: 01:20:29


192 » Sadistic-Girls

Location: US
Date: 14.10.2007
Time: 14:07:24

Hi all !

Great site, you are also welcome to visit oir site and watch girls from the Real-Life trampling und punishing their slaves.

Carolyn & Nicole

191 » george ragindin

Location: phil
Date: 29.08.2007
Time: 02:09:09

i want to be trampled by beautiful women who possessed beautiful feet. if there is anyone interested here in my country write me.tnx

190 » LadyC

Location: Taylor St Clair's forum
Date: 07.05.2006
Time: 11:26:43

Pretty good site! I like sites with free clips, that's how I found and from there to here

189 » iliketrampled_Beijing

Location: Beijing
Date: 27.04.2006
Time: 04:32:24

i love this site and i love be trampled by beautiful women, i am in Beijing, my email is

188 » Mosttrampled

Location: South Africa
Date: 12.04.2006
Time: 06:19:03

As i am the slave that has been trampled the most in Africa. I would like to congrat you on the site. If there are ladies that want to trample, my email is on the site

187 » Floorman

Location: Madison, AL
Date: 20.03.2006
Time: 13:06:40

This is an excellent site. I've visited several times over the past 6 years. I truly enjoy the Forum. I wish I could contribute, but haven't had much trampling since I've moved here.

186 » david

Location: USA
Date: 13.11.2005
Time: 13:55:53

i love this site i enjoy beautiful women trampling me

185 » Doc Rugg

Location: USA
Date: 22.10.2005
Time: 09:20:30

If you live in Las Vegas and want a man rug let me know. I'm
for you. Walk all over me. Thanks.

184 » Karen

Location: USA
Date: 24.05.2005
Time: 10:43:12

I am a female and love the site. I visit it pretty often. I enjoy seeing pics and videos of girl/girl trample. Will you have anymore soon?

Any females interested in trampling another sexy and erotic female, write me at

183 » Trampled Angel

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 08.05.2005
Time: 14:51:06

What a site i hope my site Hardcore Trample Uk will be this big. Mind you i Only launched it today. Welldone a good job done i say. Thanx again Jord xxx

182 » Rafael Couto

Location: Brazil
Date: 09.09.2004
Time: 20:46:05

This site is very good congratulations!!

181 » Tiger Z

Location: China
Date: 20.04.2005
Time: 03:47:12

I like

180 » RA

Location: Switzerland
Date: 14.03.2005
Time: 00:15:24

Great site! I visited it many times - but I'd love to see some updates.
Will there be any?

Greetings from Switzerland.

179 » syd

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 19.01.2005
Time: 15:06:11

Brilliant and easy to use site. Visited many times.
Would like to hear from girls in the York area who like trampling men especially barefoot and love to crush!

178 » Barry

Location: USA
Date: 02.01.2005
Time: 10:27:30


177 » jim in vancover b.c canada

Location: Canada
Date: 13.11.2004
Time: 19:46:50

i am 65 yrs and the first girl walked on me when i was 16 and ny wife still walks on me too day how lucky is that. i like runners sandles boots and 3 inch heels I have had more than 300 girls over all those yrs i love it so much

176 » trampled

Location: Austria
Date: 06.10.2004
Time: 08:27:22

hy to you
thats a very good site !
new update
best regards

175 » Rafael Couto

Location: Brazil
Date: 09.09.2004
Time: 20:46:05

This site is very good congratulations!!

174 » fussfreude

Location: Germany
Date: 21.08.2004
Time: 07:52:14

Great an very nice feet! Greetings from fussfreude

173 » stevie ellis

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 05.08.2004
Time: 04:04:50

what a refreshing change not find some money grabber for proviiding quality entertainment.

172 » Vicious Highheels

Location: Australia
Date: 17.07.2004
Time: 20:41:47

Awesome site

171 » fussi

Location: Austria
Date: 15.07.2004
Time: 00:14:54

very good site :-)

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